Sunday, February 05, 2006

This, that, and the other

Man--this working everyday thing is sure cutting into my blogging time. Not only is it cutting into the time I have to actually write, it's cutting into the hours when I would otherwise be doing, hearing, seeing, and experiencing blog-worthy things. My world is dull, dull, dull at the moment.

Currently, Soph and her friend Bianca are watching Care Bears and coloring some Care Bears I printed for them. Soph is in to this baby-talk phase and it's almost as annoying as the spitting phase was. Also, her father taught her to give wet-willies. Enough said. She has also taken to folding her arms and haughtily turing her head and saying "Final!" when I tell her to start or stop doing something she doesn't want to start or stop doing. This, combined with yelling "Silence!" when I'm talking is leading me to wonder where I went wrong with her more and more.

Mostly these days I work, clean up Sophie and Jimmy messes, (does the chewing up everything EVER stop with a dog?) and watch Firefly. I must say, I've become a bit of an addict in that department. I never watched it until E got the first (and last) season on DVD--but it only took one episode, and I'm pretty much hooked. It's not just that Captain Mal is the HOTTEST HOTTEST HOTTEST fictional man ever (sorry Mr. Darcy. He's even got you beat.) but the whole story, all the characters, the sometimes hilarious and sometimes heart-wrenching stories--well, it had me from hello I guess.

In nutritional news--my last shopping trip was a bit of a cluster-fuck. I was trying to buy a lot of whole foods, produce (to probably eventually throw away) and reading labels on everything else. Asking myself, "Should I REALLY buy the three dollar free range, no hormone, apparently laid from magical chicken eggs, or can we do with the 99 cent regular ones? Why the fuck is there corn syrup and cotton seed oil in whole wheat bread? 2.50 for organic chicken noodle soup? Will the Campbells really be that bad?" and so on. I did buy the Annies, or Amy's or whatever mac and cheese, and did spend three dollars on the eggs, but the Campbells was on sale 2 for a dollar, and I just couldn't pass it up.

Kods and I are on our way to see Brokeback mountain here in a few minutes, so I must run. I need to find a water bottle to fill with vanilla rum to smuggle in in my purse, and at least brush my teeth and put on a bra.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Sunday morning snuggles in bed

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Soup guilt


Jen O. said...

So what did you think of Brokebakc? Jon and I saw it last weekend.

Looking at the ingredients on a package of whole-wheat bread never even occured to me. I mean, it's whole-wheat. fer chrissakes!

~A~ said...

Wait till she hits 4. It's like the 2s only with a bigger vocabulary.

I go back and forth on the whole chicken egg thing. Having (had) fresh chicken eggs daily spoiled me, but I have a hard time paying the jacked up price for a similar egg. Thanks to the raccoons I have to buy eggs again and for my family it has to be at Costco, so I buy the "good eggs" one trip and the regular the next.

patrice said...

man, I do the same exact thing. (meaning I fold my arms and say "final!" when someone asks me to do things.) just kidding. I mean not wearing a bra.

I did buy the annie's this time out, too, and I thought it was fairly tasty, but it was no velveeta shells n cheese. but I guess I felt better about myself, so that's nice. and I didn't buy any meat at all this time around. fake chicken, fake beef, fake everything. it's just easier that way. until I find out that they make that with like bugs or something.

Kodi said...

Thanks for going to Brokeback Mtn. with me. It was very good, but left me totally drained. Next time we'll go to a romantic comedy, don't you think? Can I come over and watch some more Firefly with you?

rob said...

Firefly is the gorram SHIT.

(I totally just outted myself as a nerd, didn't I?)

I've been a fan of Joss Whedon's work since Buffy. He's always been consistently witty, clever and artful in his storytelling. Firefly, however, is where he hit his stride. So fucking brilliant. It's unfortunate that it was so short lived.

Do yourself a favor and finish the entire season before you watch Serenity.

thelyamhound said...

Agreed with Rob, and would add that I think Firefly, despite its commercial failure, was well on its way to being Whedon's grand opus.

Missuz--Good work negotiating the finer points between affordable living, tasty indulgence and healthy shopping.

Stine said...

Boys, if Firefly was Whedon's Opus, then why was it so short lived? Don't get me wrong, it's the shit, and I love it. Serenity rocked. I guess I'm just a tried and true Buffy holdout.

Glad you're finding some alternative food options B. Keep going girl, baby steps. I wanna get you addicted to kale. Kale is the shit. Also, it is said that green tea can aid in weight loss. But Rob's sis A can probably speak to that better than I can.

lonna said...

I agree with Stine, baby steps on the food or it can just seem so overwhelming. When I went vegan it would take me hours to get through a grocery store because I had to read the labels on everything.

Ethan's a huge Firefly fan too. Fox, as usual, killed this show by putting it on at a shitty time.

amandak said...

Zach's new favorite word, when asked to do something (anything, really) is 'NEVER!' Yeah, not only 'no', 'never'.

Guess I need to check out this Firefly you speak of.


thelyamhound said...

Boys, if Firefly was Whedon's Opus, then why was it so short lived?

Yeah, cuz usually what the majority of people like is such a good indicator of quality.

I love Buffy too, of course. I think that Firefly started out of the gate doing what Angel only figured out how to do at the very end: bring the Whedon metaphors fully into the adult world. I think Angel's biggest obstacle may have been L.A. itself . . . but we could burn a whole 'nother post taking that apart.

NME said...

It sounds like your shopping trip was an exercise in gaining knowledge and striking a balance - which is excellent.

On some occasions I would love to just yell "Silence!"

rob said...

To reiterate Ly's sentiment, Firefly was on its way to being Whedon's grand opus; a sentiment with which I agree whole heartedly.

It was cut down in its infancy because of network paranoia and lackadaisical support from the audience. I'd posit that the world wasn't quite ready for Firefly. To some degree, it still isn't (Serenity's worldwide receipts total only $38,335,935.) Remember, Buffy was "canceled" twice in its 7 season run, ultimately causing it to move from FOX to the WB. The difference between Buffy and Firefly is that the Slayer had a built in support network that became very vocal when talk of cancellation surfaced. Firefly never had the opportunity to build that audience.

That doesn't change the fact that it's a terrific story told brilliantly. Joss's almost sedimentary style seemed to settle leaving nothing but pure simplicity. It wasn't chaotic like Buffy (which, granted, was part of that show's charm) however, even by comprising the story of a series of uncomplicated, binary elements, it was still complicated. At least it had the bouquet of a complicated tale without all the tart of overbearing back story (or having to wait a season and a half for things to get interesting).

With only 14 episodes, I could tell that Firefly would have eclipsed Buffy in terms of story and character development. In some way, it already had.