Friday, June 10, 2005

Bloggin' on the fly

Whew. Mandy (Amanda, amandak, bigsis, whoever she is to you) is here, and we are swimming in kids! Of course, they are having a blast. Last night we had a little family bbq, and the kids played hide and seek, chase, made tents, had a bath together, bumped heads, cried, laughed, didn't eat their dinner, got red jello-jigglers on Grandma's carpet, and went to bed exhausted. (I don't have a digital as yet--have been having the photo shop provide me with cd's from my film--so I took some great pictures that you'll just have to wait for.)

This morning, Sophie, Janzen (here for 2 weeks--hooray!) and I went to my mom's for breakfast. Sophie immediately squirted toothpaste all over herself and Madeline (Mandy's daughter--5--was reading at 4--uses words like "exceptionally" and "pardon") and Madeline's sleeping area. She then got naked--and convinced Mandy's kids to join her in nude-dome. They all jumped in my Dad's walk in shower together--and then naked around the house for a while. (Don't comment if you think naked kids aren't ok. I don't want to hear from you.)

Currently--we're at my house. Mandy is picking up a couple of pizzas, Janzen and Madeline are playing video-games (I still call all video games "nintendo" much to Janzen's disgust--I guess it's a playstation 2.) Zackery (3--sweet as a bug. Looks like a little elf and LOVES to vaccum) is watching Dora the Explorer, and Sophie is dragging out ALL of the toys.

Pictures and updates to follow when time allows.

Today's best thing about being a mom:

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Apologizing to family for crazy naked toothpaste-covered daughter.


NME said...

That sounds like SO much fun! Your description is exactly why I wish I would like a big family. Though it sounds like chaos - it's glorious chaos. Can't wait for the photos!

And I want tips from Amanda. I want Noah to read early. Like maybe next week.

amandak said...

The only advice I have is read to him every day. Repetition Repetition Repetition. Other than that, I have no explanation for Madeline's reading prowess, she really just seemed to have figured it out by herself.