Monday, June 13, 2005

Just an update

Just a boring continuation of the falling at Grandma's house story. I'll try and write something a little less play-by-play tomorrow.

Last night, after the head bashing episode, Sophie began complaining of 2 things. 1, that her cousin had pushed her off the chair (I don't envy her the talk the she and her mom are going to have) and 2, that her arm hurt. The pain in her arm kept getting worse, to the point where she wasn't using it, was holding it close to her body, and would flinch if it was touched.

So today was a series of broken promises. I first promised Sophie that we'd go right home after the pediatrician's office. Nope. The doc could tell something was wrong, but decided that x-rays were needed. Then at the hospital, after a terrifying session with the x-ray machine, I promised her that we were ALL DONE! Nope. Just when she had calmed down, the technician came in and informed us that he needed more pictures. After those pictures, I promised her that it was time to go home. Nope. The technician informed us that we needed to take the pictures back to the pediatrician's for her to look at them. Fuckity fuck-o-rama.

Ultimately, it turns out that Sophie "displaced the fatty pad on her elbow." Huh? What the fuck is the fatty pad on her elbow? I mean, I know she's chunky, but elbow fat? Apparently it's part of the joint or something and hurts like a mother when it is moved in the wrong direction. So--now we try to keep her somewhat still and comfortable, then have more x-rays in 10 days. I was not informed what we do after 10 days if said fatty pad isn't back where it belongs.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
I guess getting to say, "Baby, we're really going home now. I promise," and then actually coming home, tucking her in, and letting her sleep off the doctor inspired terror. That doesn't seem like a best thing, but I was very glad when it happened.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Doctor's offices and hospitals


NME said...

Fatty pads? What?
Well I am very glad she wasn't hurt seriously. And hopefully her fatty pads will bounce back in no time. I'm not sure what they are exactly but I'm sure mine aren't going anywhere - unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

By fatty pads, I'm assuming they mean the bursae. Bursae aren't fat, they are pads of tissue that act as cushions between the joints. They can be very painful when injured. My professional, yet not MD, advice is to keep icing it and, if she will let you, give her little arm squeezes above and below the injury to keep the muscles chill and as unguarded as possible.


Katy said...

I wish some of my fatty pads would get displaced, for instance my tummy fatty pad and that saggy arm fatty pad. loves to the sophinator.

Kodi said...

Holy crap. I'm gonna call you right now! I can't believe all this happend in just two days.

patrice said...

I just read this whole thingie about the whole thing. damn! a) there is nothing like seeing your baby covered in their own blood. it's utterly terrifying. b) having to accompany them to the hospital? excruciating. c) knowing you can't fix it? the worst part of all.

I feel for soph, and I feel for you. I'm pushing out good vibrations, not unlike the beach boys picked up back in the day.