Friday, June 23, 2006

Catching Up

As the title suggests--well, doesn't suggest, just freakin' says point blank--I have a lot to catch up on.

The day before yesterday, my girl Jennifer and pal Paul got married. I took care of the flowers--which, I hope, came out ok. There was a huge problem, as HALF of the flowers we ordered didn't arrive. So-- NEVER EVER order flowers from these guys as they are total douche bags and weren't even slightly sorry for fucking up and I have cursed them with boils and plagues and other bad bad things. So--Jen and her sister flew around town buying random flowers from grocery stores, etc., brought the flowers to me, and I made flower magic. We were going for a wild-flower look, and so I bought, borrowed, and stole tons of old mason jars. Mandy was here for the wedding, and she was a peach about the flowers, wrapping and wiring about a gazillion gerbera daisys while I just kind of piled the flowers in jars, tied the bouquet and wrapped daisy garlands for the flower girls. I took before pictures, but forgot to take afters. Hopefully someone from the wedding will send me some pictures and I'll share them with y'all later.

Now then, a word or two about the meeting of Jen and Paul. Jen and I go way back, but Paul and I go way backer. I really don't have the time to go into all the intricacies of small town romance and who did what to whom and when, but the quick breakdown goes like this. Paul and I dated in high school. He took me to my first formal dance--his junior prom. Then he got fairly serious with my best high school friend. We also had a very brief interlude in college. While I was dating Paul, he and E were pretty good friends, plus, E was dating Jen's little sister. I didn't meet Jen until after high school, and actually, I knew her ex-husband before I knew her. Jen and I mostly met through a mutual friend, and then we did some pretty serious bonding at a Grateful Dead concert we ended up at together. This was some 11 years ago. So--Paul left Utah for parts unknown for several years, then came back to town a couple years ago. He attended a yoga class taught by Mandy, which I attended as well. After class I invited him to a little hootenany at my place, to which Jen was also invited. I could tell pretty much immediately that he was smitten with her, and wasn't surprised at all when they hit it off in a big way a few weeks later at the Jorgensen cabin. Fastforward to Saturday, a touching ceremony which strangely, included some Simon Says, a great reception including, well, not strangely, lots of karaoke, and now the happy couple are en route to Hawaii.

Soph was a darling flower girl, but probably because of the heat, half dozen cream puffs, and the excitement, she ended up throwing up half the night--unfortunately (well, somewhat fortunately) at my mother's house. She was pretty pukey on Sunday, and I was exhausted because of the flowers and other wedding related stuff, so we took it pretty easy. Yesterday I was still exhausted, and today I'm pretty living dead again, so I think that maybe the Epstein Barr is poking it's insidious little head back up.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Can't think of much. She's a whining, crying, screaming mess today. I think I may have to reinstate the nap. Either that or run away from home. Guess that was the worst thing. Oh well.


OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

So did you have pictures of Soph as flower girl?

Wow - way to recover from the missing flowers. I've done flowers for my Daughter, Neice, and Daughter-in-law for their wedding and swore I would NEVER EVER do it again! But I am one heck of a Wedding Coordinator - so I'm thinking Katy you and I should hook up and start our own business! How do y'all feel about FLORIDA?

rob said...

God bless my Freudian mind.

When I moused over the link, what I read was "Online whores, ale, flowers" and got a little excited.

Finally, a one stop solution for fulfilling all my floral, alcoholic and online whore needs!

JJisafool said...

Waitaminit. You mean that reinstating the nap is actually POSSIBLE?

Don't tease me, MJ. I'm a fat, sweaty daddy who hasn't had a moments respite in the last 9+ hrs.

It isn't really possible, is it? Gone for good once gone, like virginity and idealism, isn't it?

I miss naptime.

JJisafool said...

Ahh, whores, ales and flowers. Reminds me of my wedding.

lonna said...

I love happy weddings of people I love who really belong together. I bet that Soph was an insanely cute flower girl. "Cute, huh?" That sucks about the flowers, but nice save.

~A~ said...

Oh nap times are totally reinstatable. I've done it, it's possible.

I can't wait to see pictures.


And I loved the story of how your friends got together. Very cute.

patrice said...

I love seeing a story like that, especially when the teller has a hand in how it came about. the pictures look great - nice job on the flowers. it sounds like a very relaxing wedding. the after stuff? not so much. yin and yang, I suppose.