Thursday, June 01, 2006


Last night, E and I, along with our best couple pals Jen and Paul, finally checked out the karaoke scene at Cedar's new bar and grill--Celebrities. You see, Jen's daughter is now old enough to tend my daughter. This results in a blissful both-daughters-out-of-the-way-night-on-the-town-scenario.

So--check out the, like, 2 degrees of separation that is small town Southern Utah.

The bartender was Janzen's uncle (his mom's bro) and he is an absolute doll (thinking of maybe setting him up with Katy) and he wouldn't let me pay for any drinks. Unfortunately, because of Utah's bizarre liquor laws Celebrities is officially a "tavern" and therefore, serves only beer and "malt beverages." As I've stated before, I love the IDEA of beer, but hate to drink the nasty stuff. So, I was forced to drink about a dozen Mike's Hard Lemonaids. Yeek. I'm sure that explains the acid headache I'm trying to fight of this morning.

The Karaoke DJ--Sean Dunnivan (I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong) is one of E's old college radio pals. PLUS he has been emailing Katy a-la the LDS singles on-line dating watchamacallit, PLUS he is going to DJ Jen and Paul's wedding.

So the above "ins" led to many drinks for me, plus 3 trips to the microphone--and I could have gone up more if I'd wanted to. Because it was 80s night, I had to broaden my karaoke horizons a bit past my comfort zone. I kind of casually asked Sean if he had "Missionary Man"--Eurythmics. 2 minutes later, he announced that I was coming up next. WTF? It was a question brother, not a request. But--the song did seem particularly appropriate so I gave it a shot. Lots of repeated "Believe, Believe, Believe" in that one, plus some wacky, "Hey! Uh!" but, I don't think anyone wanted to stab out their eardrums with a pencil or anything. A while later I opted for a crowd pleaser--"Hate Myself for Loving You." Again not bad, but again trouble with the random "YOW!" My final and most successful number was, by request from some guy named Curtis, "Manic Monday." If I do say so myself, I totally nailed that one. "He tells me in his bedroom voice--Come on honey. Let's go make some noise!" BUT--the bitchinist song of the entire night was Paul's "Darling Niki." Completely inspired.

Late night+many malt liquor beverages=tired headache mommy. Soph and I were supposed to go to the dentist today at 8:00--but I totally called and canceled. It's Soph's first dentist trip, and she has a cavity (because I am the worst mother in all the land and let her have a bottle in bed, with milk no less, for, oh two years. I should be taken out into the streets and shot.) I want her first dentist trip to be as fun as possible, and just wasn't in a place to deal with that shit this morning--at all. Our agenda today includes a bangs trim from Grandma at some point, a grocery shopping trip with Aunt Katy, (We're starting the South Beach Diet.) and a water party with her soccer team at 1ish. 3 days into summer and I've come to the conclusion that full time mommying is more work than full time teaching.

Yesterday I had Soph's friend Addison for a few hours. Because I am THE BOMB fun--and pay no attention at all to the nutritional needs of my daughter and her pals, I took them to McDonalds for happy meals, THEN to the local beauty college to have their finger and toe nails painted, (tip moms--this is CHEAP and a way fun bday party for older girls) THEN to the pet store to look at the puppies and turtles, THEN to the "Rainbow Carwash" (very exciting. The girls were allowed to get out of their seats, plus this particular carwash has a bubble blowing machine, plus one phase of the wash has rainbow bubbles.)

Now for a few more ibuprophin, some coffee, and a shower.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
She's pried the top off of her Disney Princess Talking Vanity stool, and is using it for a 1 ft in diameter stage. She balances on it precariously while singing the continent song, including funny cheerleader like hand movements.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
"Mmmm. Salty!" This she announced after popping a buggar into her mouth. Eww.


Katy said...


K random seanness. did you mention that you know me and did he mention that he seems to have fallen off the face of the planet? Oh well. Set me up with the bartender. I wanna go next time. Call me for grocery fun.

Missuz J said...

Totally should have called you. Just wasn't sure about the bar scene+Katy. When I mentioned to Sean that I thought he was tall enough to date you, he made a big point of standing up very straight.

amandak said...

Oh. My. God. I would pay money to hear Paul sing Darling Niki. Big money.

Sounds like a great night out.

I'd pay money to hear you sing Missionary Man too. ;)

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Sounds like a blast! Small small world!

Soph's cavity cannot be blamed on your letting her have a bottle - my eldest had cavities at 4 and I never propped the bottle or let her take it to bed. My middle one took milk to bed and didn't have any cavities until she was like 10. Soooooooooo there dentists.

As for a trip to the rainbow carwash - that is great fun for this old grandma I can only guess how much fun 2 little girls had!

the beige one said...

They let Darlin' Nikki into Utah? The Mormons are going to hell in a handbasket.

NME said...

I did a routine to Manic Monday for a grade school talent show. It was awful, I'm sure because I can't sing.

Sounds like your night out waqs alot of fun. Even if you had to drink Hard Lemnonade. Would a non-drinking Katy date a bartender? That seems wierd.

Heather said...

I suppose there could (and probably will) be worse things she could put in her mouth!!

Good luck with the dentist!! (When you finally make it there of course)

Stine said...

You were "forced" to have all those Mikes? I'll have to remember that one.

Annie Lennox makes good karaoke. I'm sure you sounded wonderful singing all those songs.

I look forward to the day when we can sing together again. Takes me back to you, me, and Mandy singing those trios. I actually just saw a show two weeks ago, where they used Calling All Angels at the end of the play. Le sigh.

patrice said...

karaoke with you guys would be so fucking rad. I may have to fly out to utah just for it.

soph is darling.

Wendy said...

SO WEIRD!? I commented here. Or so I thought... [hear Twilight Zone music here]....I'm impressed that you do karaoke. I don't have the nerve!

The day sounds perfect, McD's, mani/pedi, car wash.... gotta love it!