Saturday, June 03, 2006

South Beach in the Southwest

Katy and I just returned from Albertson's, where I dropped $116.00 in groceries. Groceries pretty much just for me. Well, not exactly just for me, but for my diet. Katy and I are going to start the South Beach diet on Monday, and SHE can't shop on Sunday (Love ya Katy), so, there ya have it. Tons of vegies, some lean meats, low fat cheeses, and the assorted fat free-sugar free jello type thingie

I know that "Eat less and exercise" is really the best mantra for the weight-loss crowd, but I just don't operate that way. I need the structure of a specific diet to get my ass in gear. The last time I lost weight, I started out with the South Beach and it worked really well for me. So I kind of slid into the no eating ever or eating and then hurling thing after a while, but at first, it worked pretty well. I like South Beach because it makes sense nutritionally, at least based on my limited knowledge of things nutritional, and it doesn't eliminate any major food groups.

On the flip side, even thinking of loosing weight is terrifying to me. I get pretty obsessed, weird, and also psycho. But this time, Katy will be my partner in crime, and hopefully will keep me grounded.

While shopping today, I found that I HATE saying the wordlett "carbs." So, we've decided that instead of saying "carbs" we'll say "pew," meaning, of course, poo, but pronounced in a way that is much more ridiculous and British. Instead of "fat" or "fat grams" we are going to say "bogies." Here's an example, "This salad dressing only has 3 grams of pew and no bogies."

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Today was a pretty good day. So--how about getting to 9:00 without once wishing I could turn in my mommy badge.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
So I'm sitting outside at my patio table with my family; they are over for a barbecue. Sophie is standing on my lap. She's wearing her Hello Kitty jumper. She leans over, and the fold between her fat little but and her leg smoothes out. In the fold--a gnat that had been squished by her ghetto booty.


Wendy said...

Good luck with the pew and bogies. Funny way to look at it! I do actually prefer eat less and excercise.... but I know South Beach is a great way to jump start!

patrice said...

god love you. I could never do southbeach. like maybe not even if my life depended on it.

gnat. oh christ. 'precious' probably isn't the right word.

amandak said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing this stuff, you're one brave lady. I love you and I can't wait to see you!

~A~ said...

Remember it's not so much how many carbs you eat but the type of carbs.

Fresh fruit carbs = good

Twinkie carbs = bad

Raw sugar = okay

HFCS = very bad

Fresh whole grain bread that you learned to make yourself = very good

That fake ass whole grain white bread = CRAP


PS - I'm going to be wiped this week coming from camping and the end of the year kid crap. If you can't catch me on IM you can get me via email if you need anything.... luvs.... a kick in the pants.... anything :)

NME said...

I'm test driving this South Beach thing. I've only committed to it until Friday night - when I have a wedding to go to. After that I will decide how badly it sucked and how well it was working and decide where to go from there. I bought three dozen eggs - and I'm not crazy about them, so we have that working against it.

No fruit during the induction period. No whole grains either. Blek.

But hell, if I lose 4 pounds in 4.5 days then bring on the damn eggs.

Jen O. said...

I totally hear you on the weight-loss obsession thing. I've never gone as far as throwing up (unless I had too much wine on an empty stomach), but I have gone the way of, "I'm so proud of myself! It's 4:30pm and I haven't eaten ANYTHING!" That's so not healthy, and it fucks with the body.

I am a former ephedra junkie. A few years ago when I was doing it, I could go all day, hardly eating anything. But my body went into the often-mused-about starvation mode, and when I kicked the junk, the weight came back with a quickness.

I have been on Weight Watchers since mid-March, and have lost about 17 lbs so far (weigh-in is in an hour and a half). The weight hasn't exactly melted off, but everything in my closet fits, and I feel so much better. The "plan" seems regimented enough and yet flexible enough that I am not going too bonkers with it. You've probably tried it before; I don't know anyone who hasn't. But it works for me. If South Beach is what works for you, go for it. And GOOD LUCK!

Oh, and hi!!

Kat said...

Good luck with the beach!