Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I think it's too late to blog about the cabin trip. It's tricky to remember what happened yesterday, let alone three or four days ago. What I do recall is that I learned to play euchre, and KICK ASS at it, and I also learned to play horseshoes, and pretty much suck ass at it. So--here are a few pictures in lieu (is that right?) of the promised post.

In further news, my period was late, but finally arrived. My poor husband had to deal with both a pregnancy scare and PMS this month. After getting cussed at for calling my period "the rod" he asked what he should call it. 10 years of marriage and he still hasn't figured this one out. He used to enquire sweetly, "So how's your menstruation going?" until I was forced to throw a very heavy book at him. Really--just don't ask. Rub my feet. Fix me a drink. Unload the dishwasher, and just don't ask.

Summer is already flying by. I love that I don't have to turn on my alarm clock before I go to sleep. I love that it takes me a minute to figure out what day of the week it is, and that I pretty much have no idea what the date is. June is always my "free month" and I don't start freeking out about all the shit I need to get done until July. However, I am happy to report that I am already ahead of schedule, having cleaned under my bed and under and behind my dresser. Thank you. Please hold your applause until the end of the summer.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
I bought Soph and her play date some of those invisible ink books; the ones that you color over with the magic pen and, um stuff magically appears? Only these ones were truly bitchin. There were 3 magic pens. Yes.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
My sister-in-law is cashing in on the tending I owe her tomorrow. 2 of her three boys (2 and 6) will be spending most of the day tomorrow. Drat.


~A~ said...

The cuteness that is that child. I know she drives you nuts, but since she's not mine I can say it, CUTENESS!!!!

And what, it was your moontime and you didn't tell me? I didn't get to wish you a happy period. So next month when I start mine, I'll just send you an e-card.

rob said...

Dude...pic number 2 is so street. It's Sophe J. in the mutha fuckin hizzaaaaaay!

Sophe J.? I don't like it. Must come up with a better rappa name for her.

Es Jorg?

I'll work on that.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I love the pictures of Soph - the first she looks so sweet (little princess even) the second she looks so sassy (street smart)either way she's a doll.

As for "E" what is it about that time of the month that fascinates guys so much? They should not be curious about it - they should be LIVING IN FEAR from it! I wrote a song about on ~A~ posting if your interested.

Glad your summer is going good - and wow you really are ahead of the game! Survive the boys - ummm is it warm enough to turn on the sprinkler and let them play in the water outside? Key word being OUTSIDE!

keda said...

good ether, she's bloomin marvelous!
and what a lovely looking place.

good luck with the extra's tomorow.

Stine said...

She is SO your daughter. The 2nd picture proves it. Must be weird looking at your karma in a tiny little package every day.

She's gonna go places - looks like a performer through and through.

TD said...

My period is the one time each month when I eat red meat, so Todd's inquiries usually go something like "So... is it burger time yet?"

Soph is totally rockin' a fly girl pose. Someone cue up Heavy D!

Wendy said...

Great photos. She is awfully cute! Burgers. Funny. Last time my hub asked me, he learned not to ask.

NME said...

That cabin looks beautiful. What a nice trip. I love playing games on vacation. I need to do that real soon.

Mark never has to ask. I'm usually right there volunteering the info. As a warning to keep at a safe distance.

And the pictures of Soph are fantastic. So much personality!

patrice said...

"just don't ask" - nice.

everyone else said what I was gonna say.

Heather said...

Those Pictures are SOO adorable!! I can't wait until I have a cute child to drive me to craziness, and then bring be back with their cuteness!!