Thursday, April 07, 2005

Are you shitting me?

So, the second trip to the doctor was about as smooth as my legs currently are. (I haven't had the time or energy for a shower in 3 days.) Of course, Sophie knew what was going on the moment we pulled into the parking lot and began loosing it immediately. Of course, we sat in the waiting room for 45 minutes. As bad as that was, at least Sophie had the toys and movie and fake jungle shit to keep her quasi-occupied. Then we were called into the exam room where we sat for another 40 minutes. I hope some doctor or nurse will respond and tell me why the fuck they move you from the waiting room which they've obviously tried to make bearable, into the exam room which is completely unbearable and make you wait some more. No toys. No movie. Tons of scary looking doctor shit all around.

Sophie was completely uninterested in the books and snacks I brought along, and once we were in the exam room, began informing me that she was scared, repeatedly, at higher and higher decibels. Because she was scared, she wanted to hide. In my shirt. With me. So, we sat there, her upper body stuck under my shirt, and my head pulled in turtle style with her. We were both pretty disheveled when the doctor came in and found a very lumpy, not to mention headless, patient waiting for him.

So--we did the razor blade finger slash blood test again, then waited, in my shirt, for another 20 minutes for the doctor to come in with the results. Good news, bad news, bad news. The good news--her white blood cell count was down quite a bit. She was responding to the antibiotics. Bad news 1--she needed another cement mix shot. Bad news 2--the infection had spread to/landed on her eyes, and Soph now has PINK EYE. IN BOTH EYES. So I held her down, again, for a shot, and left the doctor's office with one screaming two year old, one prescription for antibiotic eye drops, and one prescription for an oral antibiotic. Dude.

Today totally sucked. The eye drops must sting, because Sophie acts like I'm putting battery acid in her eyes when ever I put them in. She just cries and cries because her eyes are so sore, and crying just makes it worse. I wouldn't be surprised if by the end of this, I'm the one who ends up in the hospital. Hopefully by next week things will be back to normal, and I'll quit being such a whiney cry baby.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
What? There are good things about being a mom? Maybe this doesn't really count, but today I'm going to go with bedtime.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
I guess I'll force myself to limit this to one. How about the shower thing. When you're too busy taking care of your kid to take care of yourself, and don't get time to shower, things feel kind of dire. I seriously think I'm attracting flies.


Jen O. said...

While that sounds like it sucks, and sucks big, I'm glad to hear that Sophie has pink eye and not ebola, malaria, cholera, tuberculosis or hepatitis. She'll be better soon and you'll both get back to "normal." Good luck!

NME said...

The imagery of Sophie hiding in your shirt is priceless. It's the stuff that sappy movies are made of. It seems so sweet and magical that the safest place for her is the closest to you as she could possibly be. And I'm SO glad she's well. You should be given leeway to be bitchy and worried when she is ill.
You definitely have to post some photos. And if everything that comes out of a baby is a cookie - I think your mom should never bake.