Thursday, April 28, 2005

Big mistake. Big. Huge

Ok--that might be a bit of hyperbole, but not much. This morning, when I told Sophie that she was going to school she completely came to bits. So much so, that I decided to take her to work with me for half the day. That wasn't a complete catastrophe, but it didn't go great either. So at lunch time, when I took her to day care, kicking and screaming, I was met with two huge problems. One--the director informed me that I hadn't included today's date in the list I gave her of when Soph would be in. Two, her old teacher, Tara, had left and been replaced by this bratty little bitch Kim who would hardly give me the time of day. I honestly don't know if I can take her back. That Kim reminds me of a sulky mean teenager.

So I couldn't leave her at school, and after the whole melt down/reprival, Sophie was completely exhausted and begging for her bottle and "big girl bed." I took her home with 15 minutes of my lunch break left, put her to bed, and began frantically calling people to come stay with her for a few hours. No luck. My husband had to come home which was very sweet, but he was very inconvenienced and just a little impatient with me. After all the stress of the day, I had no option but to break into tears and have a complete melt down. Apparently, calling people while in tears gets more results, because when I called my sweet friend Kelli, she agreed to come in an hour, getting Erik off the hook for most of the day.

I arrived at school still crying, and started my usually rowdy third period after apologizing for being a mess. They were absolute angels. Completely quiet. Asking what they could do to help. Completing their assignments without coercion. Maybe I've discovered the key to classroom management.

Everytime I think of that Kim person, I feel my heart sink. Really, I don't think I can take Soph back there. I don't like that girl. Not one bit.

Oh--for some reason the spell check is not working. Yes, I am the world's only English teacher who can't spell. So sue me.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
I guess knowing that Sophie would rather be with me than anyone is pretty cool. An inconvenient pain in the ass at times, but also pretty cool.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Daycare nightmare. (Could be a Top 40 hit. I can hear it now... "I've got a daycare...Nightmare! Don't want to go there. They always make me share!" I'm thinking maybe something along the lines of AC/DC Thunderstruck.)


Katy said...

So sorry I couldn't help today love!!! You know there's nothing I'd rather do than chill with the Sophster, I was just totally incapable of doing anything but sitting, which luckily is all that's required of me at work :). Anyway, Sophie will bounce, and maybe everyone else will hate Kim (I know I already do) and they'll fire her snotty ass. LOVE YA!

NME said...

One thing that we should learn from our kids is that crying is a VERY effective means to an end. I for one think I'm going to employ it a hell of a lot more.

How dare they employ that bitch Kim? Poor Sophie. Poor you. Hope you get everything straightened out.

patrice said...

man, I hate when they hire someone at daycare that I don't like. it didn't happen often with trent, but even once is too much.

allow me to commiserate: bella had been going to daycare for like a week (and was about 13 weeks old) when I heard a girl sitting outside the infant room talking to the janitor (both appeared to be just out of high school) about how much she hates being stuck in the infant room. "I mean, they don't DO anything but sit there and cry! you just sit in the rocking chair and rock back and forth and they just cry and eat, cry and eat." I walked in the infant room, glad that she wasn't in there since she hates it so much. 4 minutes later the door opens, and it's her - back from her BREAK.

now, as you know, it's hard enough to leave your child at daycare to begin with. but to leave a defenseless little baby with someone who obviously doesn't want to watch her, and would openly complain (within earshot of a woman carrying an infant carrier WITH A BABY INSIDE) feels like child neglect. I cried all the way to work. I told sean about it and he said he was going to say something to the daycare director.

I haven't seen that girl in the infant room since. come to think of it, I haven't seen her in the daycare center at all since. I have no idea if sean said something or not, and if he did, whether it made a difference. but maybe if you talk to the center and let them know how you feel, they can do something about it?