Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Just Silkin'

Tuesday afternoon, the spring wind is blowing, and Sophie is taking a nap. I love naptime. I love Sophie too, of course, but having this little block of time during the day when I don't have "mien fuer" (sp) asking/demanding, "Can we make somfing? I want a pickle. No! a big one! Can I have a drink? Not milk! Juice! In my green cup! Let's watch Hello Kitty. Not that one! Can I have a cookie? etc." When she was tiny, I used to say that I couldn't wait until she could talk, because then I would know what she wanted. Now it seems like all I hear is what she wants or doesn't want.

An addendum to Sophie's first day at day care:
I can't believe I forgot to mention the "silky" episode in regards to her first day at day care. Unlike normal children, Sophie does not have a blanket. Instead, she has bonded to several different nightgowns belonging to me, and one she found at my mom's. She calls these her "silkies." I mean, they are silky, and I can understand in a kind of Of Mice and Men/Lenny kind of way why she likes to drag them around and "silk" with them. (Silk, as a verb, means to rub something soft or silky against your cheek.) So anyway, the school asks that the kids not bring any toys, but they can bring a blanket. I tried to talk Soph into taking a very nice, clean, normal yellow blanket with her. No. She wanted to take a silky. In this case, one of the more sexy, though not pornoish, nightgowns that she's grown attached to. We fought. She won, and trotted off to day care with Mommy's blue nightie clutched in her little fist. When I picked her up, her teacher was nice enough, but gave me a really strange look when she had to say, "Oh! Don't forget your nightgown."

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Today it has to be nap time. There are many hours in the day, but this particular one is so appreciated when compared with the rest of them.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Finding the line between always giving in to the demands of a two year old, and fighting with her about everything, on top of teaching her to ask nicely, and that there is a difference between "need" and "want."


patrice said...

o-hoooo, that's excellent! taking a nightgown to daycare. nice.

my son never had a blankie or a silky or anything that he was attached to. in fact, I used to wish he'd at least take a pacifier or something. he's just very independent, I guess. then again, I never had anything like that either. we'll have to see what my daughter winds up doing.

I got to your blog by way of my best friend nicole.

Jen O. said...

This entry was so adorable that I totally want to silk it.

Kelly said...

A nightgown was easily not the strangest "lovey" brought into my 2 year old classroom when I worked in childcare. One little boy used to carry around a pair of his own underwear. Apparently when they started potty-training him, he got really attached to his Blues Clues underwear, and that was that. They never actually touched his bottom and all parental attempts at replacing them were futile, as were the attempts at putting them in his pocket.

A little girl in the class before him would only nap INSIDE a pair of her dad's boxers. Didn't matter which pair. She'd put one leg over her head so they looked like some weird figure-8 scarf, cover up with her blanket and crash. It was a little odd.

(I got here from Nicole's blog, too)