Friday, April 15, 2005

Mommy to the rescue

Yesterday was the big day. Sophie's first day at day care. As I've mentioned earlier, she had visited the facility, and was very excited to go. (Forgive me for not being snappy or witty today. This will just be a recording of events. I'm not unhappy or anything today. Just not feeling clever.) Anyway, Erik (dad) took her to "school" and I went to work and spent my first class (I teach English at an alternative high school; I've thought about blogging my experiences there, but I'm not sure about legal privacy type issues.) feeling very worried and distracted. Finally, I called right before 2nd period to see how she was doing. The teacher informed me that she had been crying for me for about an hour. Guilt. Tragedy. Heartbreak. So, I told the teacher I'd come pick Soph up on my lunch break and sweated through another class.

At lunch, I speed all the way to day care, barely keeping the tears back. I rushed into the office prepared to sweep Sophie into my arms and apologize and comfort her and take her back to work with me. The secretary said, "You're Sophie's mom?" "Yes. Is she OK?" "Why don't you have a peek." Again hurrying, I headed for her room. I peeked through the window, and saw her laughing her ass off, playing some kind of jumping game with the other kids. So--she stayed the rest of the day. When I picked her up later she was glad to see me, but not freaked out.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Watching your baby grow into a big girl.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Watching your baby grow into a big girl.

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Kelly said...

Sounds like you found a good school for your adorable little girl. I've worked in places that wouldn't let us tell the parents if their child was crying for them and wouldn't have been sensitive enough to let you peek in and leave her there. I think they wanted the parents to pay tuition but take their kids home early as often as possible. It was horrible. I only worked there a week. Your school seems really tuned in to what it feels like to be new to the daycare world.