Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Code Red

Sophie is currently in her room, in the middle of a full scale melt down. I was trying to be super-mommy today. We had a lovely breakfast with fresh fruit, cottage cheese, pancakes. Then we went and did a little gardening. She's been wanting to plant some seeds, so I went and bought some pea seeds, since they can be planted when it's still cool out. I let her pull weeds, put the seeds in the holes, and get completely filthy. We came inside, and decided to have some hot chocolate. Sophie has this thing about dumping any and all liquids on the floor, or into other containers. I thought she'd be past this at almost three, but, alas, no. So I've been insisting on the sippy cups.

Apparently, drinking hot chocolate out of a sippy cup is totally humiliating. She threw the cup at me, threw herself on the floor, and went totally to bits. So, I sent her to her room. I'm trying to find some way to discipline my crazy, willful, smart, two year old. I tried spanking--but that's pretty hard when I'm also trying to teach her not to hit. When I'd smack her butt, she'd either laugh and say, "Good job mommy!" or say, "No hitting!" Either way, I was at a total loss. So, I've been trying the "go to your room until you can be nice thing." We'll see.

Hope you enjoy the picture of Brad and me. We were on our way to some awards thing or another. I thought my yearbook class did a pretty good job with the photo editing. I consider myself lucky. The other teachers ended up on such attractive icons as Shrek, Cartman (South Park), and Shaggy 2 Dope. (For those of you who are totally unhip, he's one half of ICP--the Insane Clown Posse.)

p.s. Friends without blogs--you should be able to comment on my postings now.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
The gardening was actually pretty fun. Kids are a great excuse to play in the dirt.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Two year old temper tantrums.


NME said...

You and Brad look ravishing together.
I still have temper tantrums. They usually happen when I'm in a hurry and I can't find my keys or some such nonsense.

patrice said...

I know they tell you not to rationalize with kids, but that's exactly what I did with trent, and it totally worked. I think it only works on certain kinds of kids. sophie might be one of them, since she remembers the "no hitting" thing when you spank.

or you could be like my mom, the ice queen. just refuse to talk to sophie or show her any amount of affection when she does even the smallest thing wrong, and she'll be afraid to ever get you angry.

the bright side is that the harder they cry, the more tired they get and the longer they sleep.

I heart your blog.