Thursday, April 21, 2005

It's a sista thing

I've been thinking today about this cult of womanhood. Mothers, daughter, sisters. It's been so cool to start introducing Sophie into it. I love watching her interact with my mom and my sisters; I love knowing how much they love her, and knowing that they are her examples as she grows to be whatever kind of woman she wants to be.

Yesterday at my mom's, Sophie happened to get into my dad's gas fire pit. (Don't worry. It wasn't turned on.) Really, she was only out of my sight for like 30 seconds, but in that time she managed to completely cover herself in black soot. I, of course, was ready to freak out, but my mom took me by the shoulders, turned me toward the door, (I was on my way to the movie--Sahara--Nice eye candy, but overly unlikely in many places. Didn't they get thirsty?) and said, "You go--I'll handle this." From what I hear, Soph fell to pieces when she saw herself in the mirror. She had rubbed her sooty hands on her face, and her skin was totally covered. I guess my mom took her in her arms, thus ruining her clothes and becoming herself covered in soot, and carried her to the tub, sang to her, cleaned her up, washed her clothes, and made everying "all better." Grandmas are THE BOMB!

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Grandmas and aunties

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
One mess after another

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patrice said...

awww - so sweet. you're lucky! my mother hates babies.

I can oddly relate to sophie this time - I once was walking along the edge of a cinderblock-enclosed burning pit at my bus stop when I was in elementary school. of course, I fell in, shortly before the bus came. I went to school anyway, because what else was I going to do (my mom was at work), and didn't realize what I looked like until my teacher sent me to the bathroom. when I saw myself, I cried and cried.

strangely, I can't remember how that story ends. I can safely say it's not with my mom cleaning me up, unfortunately.

ps, the title of this blog? CLASSIC.