Saturday, April 09, 2005

Glory be and the Saints be praised!

Glory be and the saints be praised! Sophie is well, and I am a whole new woman! She had really come a long way yesterday, but was still pretty pokey, and then this morning she woke up and (knock wood) seems to be almost 100%. You know, most of the anger I was having was pretty much fear. It's so scary when your little one just lays there with a fever and it's like your hyper little monkey has been possessed or something.

So as I said, this morning things were back to normal. For the past few weeks (pre infection), the phrase I have been most afraid to hear from Sophie is, "How do I look?" Usually, it means that she has smeared an entire lipstick on her face, or colored her stomach green with a permanent marker or something similar. I gave her her breakfast and started straightening up the hovel we've been living in, and heard her chirp, "Mommy! How do I look?" Today instead of groaning, I smiled and went over to investigate. "Look! I'm washing my hair!" Instead of yelling, I kissed her nose, and said, "Well baby, most people use shampoo instead of strawberry yogurt."

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Today I'm going with the funny way kids pronounce things. A brief Sophie to English lexicon follows.
nakwan=popcorn (??)

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Realizing you've been a raging crazy bitch for days because of sick child and apologizing to said child, husband, mother, co-workers, etc.

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