Sunday, April 23, 2006

It's a miracle!

So--although I am just slightly more than a little hung-over, and although I woke up this morning to discover I had started my period (a week early--weird), and although I'm going on about 5 hours sleep, I am for some reason feeling good. I. Am. Feeling. Good. Weird--huh?

Could be because I've been having an Emergen-C every morning for the last few days.
Could be because one of my #1 peeps, CT, has moved back to S. Utah from the swamps of Florida and is currently sleeping soundly in Sophie's bed.
Could be because day before yesterday we took the kids at school on a field trip to Zion and I got some serious hike-age in.
Could be because yesterday E did like 7 HOURS of yard work.
Could be season 6, episode 8 (Smashed.) (Alright--Angel gets my heart. Captain Mal gets my mind. But--Spike gets my body. Damn.)
Could be because I found some muscle relaxers in the medicine cabinet this morning and took 2.
Could be because Soph and I just did a killer dance to "Put the Lime in the Coconut."
Could be because a night of dominoes, Uno, and Cuba-Libras always does a body good.

Who knows. Maybe Mercury is now out of retrograde?

Doc report--Mainly he took some blood and listened to me boo hoo. He thinks the symptoms sound a lot like Epstein Barr. I hope not for a couple of reasons. One--I've kind of been known to mock the Epstein Barr--like, OK you have Epstein Barr. Now get off your ass and quit being a baby. Two--well, it would suck. Blood work comes back tomorrow, so I'll go back and see if anything shows up.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Don't tell, but I kind of like playing Barbies.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Trying to keep her damn pants on


patrice said...

I love playing barbies. if by "playing" you mean choosing one to be a royal bitch and the others to concoct a crazy plot against her. or something. and brushing the hair, of course.

epstein barr. roseanne's lazy cousin. well, it will probably be nice to have a name for what you're going through, and therefore a clearer sense of how to deal with it. I'm glad you're feeling good today, though.

much love from rainy philly.

~A~ said...

Hopefully that good feeling keeps on going and that blood tests have some answers but nothing too serious. :)

I usually get kicked out from the Barbie play circle, I've been told I don't play right. Maybe I should google how to play Barbies correctly.

Katy said...

Yay, so glad for the happy. So uhm...season 6 marathon someday soon?? Pretty please... spike...mmmmmm

thelyamhound said...

So you've already seen "Once More With Feeling" (the musical episode) I assume? I love that one . . .

Darling, I don't know if there's even a naturopath to be seen in your neck of the woods, but when it comes to Epstein Barr, CFS and such, alternative medicine may offer you better solutions, including long term changes in diet, exercise and the like.

There was a funny SNL skit with David Spade once (I know--a funny SNL skit with David Spade SOUNDS unlikely, but there it was) wherein he gave a public service announcement for employers assuring them that chronic fatigue syndrome, Epstein Barr, hypogycemia, asthsma and diabetes are all really made up diseases that lazy people use to get out of work.

Frankly, I think CFS and Epstein Barr are legitimate disorders, but that they're also "lifestyle disorders" that can benefit greatly from someone looking into how you take care of yourself. Not just whether you do or don't, but HOW you do it, and how you may do so more effectively.

Missuz J said...

LOVED "Once More With Feeling." The song with Xander and Anya was particularly hilarious to me.

Giles did get hotter (the crooning at the coffee house was so sweet and sexy) but I'm afraid I'm just a bit Spike fixated.

Stine said...

I'm really glad you're taking EmergenC. I bet your body loves it.

And sister, I'm SO with you on Smashed. I mean shit, the look on Buffy's face as Spike has her nailed up against the pillar. Priceless.

By the way, my sister has Epstein Barr, and you know what, it's nothing to mess around with, that stuff can make one miserable. Please take care of yourself. K? Please?

Jacques Roux said...

I HATE IT when I start my period a week early. But I REALLY HATE IT when I'm late, so take your pick.

But seriously (who would've thought I'd get serious here), I'm with the Hound and Stine. I've seen enough people with enough fucked up systems and health issues, take a long hard look at any and every alternative medicine options/remedies you have available. More often than not, it will take a truly holistic approach to cure what ails ya. And that usually involves some serious "lifestyle" changes.

It's really surprising to most people incredibly fucked up the average American's daily diet is (mine included). Unfortunately, western medicine likes to medicate and "mask" the issues far too much, due to the fact that patients want a quick fix. In these instances, there ususally isn't one.

Hang in there, small changes over time will do the trick for you.

Now back to your regularly scheduled Hubris and Hate...

rob said...

Giles did get hotter (the crooning at the coffee house was so sweet and sexy) but I'm afraid I'm just a bit Spike fixated.

I feel like I wanna...I don't know. It seems like I should be saying something right about now but I just can't quite put my finger...

Oh...wait. That's right.


KATIEmagic said...

I used to eat the toes off my barbies. Pain killers always do a body good, eh? I'm glad you're feeling so good.