Monday, April 03, 2006

Top 5 reasons I haven't blogged (or commented)

So--2 weeks have gone by with hardly a post or a comment. Here are my top 5 excuses. Interestingly enough, some of them are the same excuses I've heard from my students a time or two.

5. The dog ate my computer. (Actually, he didn't eat the computer, but he did bite my cell phone charger in half. He also chewed the nose and feet off of Jacque. Not this one, this one. He also keeps getting out of the yard, I think to dally with the pit bull, Princess across the street. I keep telling E that he--Jimmy of course--needs his balls lopped of something fierce. Hopefully he'll call the vet soon.)

4. I had a doctor's appointment. (Ok. That's a lie, but Sophie had one--her diagnosis was bronchitis. I did hurt my back though--ripping the carpet off of the living room floor. Got a bit of a bee in my bonnet last Sunday. Other than 2 spots with some water damage, the hardwood isn't looking too bad. With this stupid back of mine, my shitty computer stool/chair does feel like a torture chamber.)

3. It's all the school's fault. (You see, they BLOCKED blogs and personal pages from all the schools computers. This really pisses me off, because people can still spend all fucking day forwarding bullshit jokes and religious aphorisms and chain letters to curse or bless you if you don't send them to a gagillion people, but I can't read a blog. Whatever.)

2. I didn't know what to write about. (Plus, I got the blogger guilts. I quit checking my blog, and those of others, because I hadn't in so long that I knew I'd have a ton to read and write about and comment about and so just treated the whole thing with the same attitude I treat my student loans. If I don't acknowledge it, it doesn't exist.)

1. I forgot. (You see, I was busy with something else. I said I'd never do it. I fought it off for literally years. Then a friend got me hooked. 2 weeks ago, I came home from a lovely afternoon of mimosas and more mimosas bearing Buffy, seasons 1-3. Fuck. So--everyone was right. Season 1 wasn't great, but was totally addictive. Season 2 was the bomb. Season 3 is even better. I'm to the one with the Hansel and Grettle stuff. Fuck. I can't stop. How many more seasons are there to go? At least with Firefly, only a week of my life was sucked away. Now--I may not get anything done for months. Oh, and Angel? Dare I say he's even hotter than Captain Mal? Yes. Yes I dare.

So--I plan to suck it up and get back on the old blogger wagon next week. E has been working on an apple lap-top for me, so soon I should be able to blog on the comfort of the couch or elswhere.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
She brought some tracing work home today. Looked to me like a triangle. So I asked, "Hey! Did you trace a triangle today?" She said, "No mom, you're wrong. I traced a triangular based prism." I shit you not.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Soph informed me today that she has a boyfriend. Jacob. Bianca's brother. He's an older man--in kindergarten this year. I'm wondering if I should worry.


patrice said...

I don't even know what a triangular based prism is.

don't sweat the blog stuff. just start up with the most recent posts like you never missed a thing. we've all been slacking lately. I have the same guilt, though, and I have severely cut back my blog reading we're in somewhat the same boat.

is sophie feeling better?

lonna said...

Poor Sophie's lungs and poor Becca's back. Our backs have been messed up to having to carry around a 30 some pound toddler and sleeping in his bed with him pinning us in. Ouch.

I've been slacking on my own blog, but I still read most of them. We all just have to do what we have to do. I've been so busy, and so have you. It would be really a mess for me if they shut off all blogs at work. Ouch!

thelyamhound said...

Angel/Captain Mal is almost an unfair comparison; the only thing they have in common is that cro-magnon brow. Mal's got that quippy Han Solo thing going on, while Angel's got what a character you haven't met would call "that billowy trench coat, 'King of Pain' thing." I obviously relate more to angel, but find Nathan Fillion (Mal) the more appealing actor.

I have to say, though, I'm a sucker for Spike. And THE sexiest man on Buffy to me? Giles. Yes, Giles. Brilliant, dry . . . I think once you see Helpless, you'll fall in love with him just a little.

Women are an easier pick for me: it's either Willow (I'm a sucker for a bookish redhead) or Faith (I'm a sucker for a dark, tough chick prone to psychotic behaviour). I do, however, have a soft spot for Anya (whom you haven't met, and won't really come to know until season 4).

'Stine and I are always trying to figure out who's who on Buffy, in terms of who amongst our friends fits which dynamic (I feel a meme coming on).

So, um, anyway, don't worry about blogslacking. It ain't like we're curing cancer here.

rob said...

I, however, am curing cancer.

Alright...Angel? Versus Mal? Wuzza huh? You're fucking joking, right? You're fucking joking!

Ly hit it on the head with their quintessential differences Mal is leagues hotter than "Mr. Billowy Coat, King of Pain".

Wait until Spike circa season 6. You'll be all up ons.

And Anya, whom Ly mentioned, is freaking taaaaaaaaasty. I just want to dine upon Emma Caulfield. She's crazy hot.

Ha're addicted to Buffy. 'bout god-damned time!

amandak said...

I have always appreciated and enjoyed whatever "Buffy therapy" Stine has thrown my way, and I'm sure if I were to acquire it on dvd somehow I'd be just as hooked. From what I HAVE seen though, Spike is yum yum yummy. That's just me though. Not having had too much experience with the other two specimens of hottness in question.

DAMN the school for blocking blogs, don't they know this is important shit? And educational? right? right?

Hopefully Soph's lungs and your back are all better!

Love you tons and tons!

the beige one said...

Another unbeliever down. Anya does have some fun stuff happening in S3, if I recall correctly, lest we forget Dark Willow le shudder...

and ya'll's crazy, the real question is who is hotter between Gunn and Principal Wood (huhhuhuhuhuh), Giles does take the prize for overall.

thelyamhound said...

I'd say Angel season 2 Gunn over Wood, but love turned Gunn soft 'til season 5, so Wood, at the time, seemed like fitting competition.

Anya had good stuff in 3, but the goofy, horny, malapropism-driven Anya that it just so happens I married (proving that no matter how I try to emulate Giles's wisdom, Angel's brooding and Spike's swagger, I'm still geeky, self-effacing Xander at heart) doesn't show up until 4.

Missuz J said...

Ok. I recant my statement that Angel is hotter than Mal.

His sexiness is just so much more a part of the show. Mal's character is based so much more on the rest of his life than what is happening in his pants, while (at least in what I've seen so far) Angel's character is so focused on the sensual and sexual.

I mean--in Firefly, you get that great scene in "Heart of Gold," and those brief moments where the shell cracks with Anarra (sp), but other than that, his libido is stuffed behind that icy, sarcastic, self-protective wall.

Angel, on the other hand, does Tai Chi, shirtless, in leather pants, in the rain; shares hungry kiss after hungry kiss with Buffy, and bites a lot of other people on the neck.

So--if I were to be stuck on a desert island with one of them--it would totally be Mal. Better company--more skills--funny--and more honorable and trust worthy.

BUT, if we're talking spin the bottle or 60 seconds in the closet, I'll take Angel hands down.

NME said...

I've never seen Buffy, or Angel or Firefly. Oops.

But if you're watching cancelled shows on DVD over blogging someone should come over there and kick your ass. Real hard. Get on that Mac woman!

rob said...

I getcha, girl...

For instance, I tend to go for the sensuality of, say, Inara...but sometimes I want someone to rock my cock off like Faith.

grody jo-dee said...

my hubby is always complaining about the same sort of email crap at work. how do people have time to send bad jokes and replies to each other all day long? you have joined the ranks of those who work for the email nazis. so sorry.

thelyamhound said...

Mmmmmm . . . Inara.

Actually, though, on Firefly, I like the mechanic. Except I'd cut her hair shorter and give her tattoos (if they're gonna sell me on the tomboy thing--a very easy sale--they should DO IT UP).

thelyamhound said...

Of course, when you referred to the wounded Jacques, I went straight here rather than to either of your options. So the clarification was helpful. Heck, I didn't even know the mice in Cinderella HAD names.

rob said...

...Except I'd cut her hair shorter and give her tattoos (if they're gonna sell me on the tomboy thing--a very easy sale--they should DO IT UP).

If you're talking about butching her up as a tomboy from a strictly aesthetic standpoint, I can dig it. However, Kaylee was perfect just as she was written. One of the beauties of Firefly is its soup-to-nuts duality. It's a sci-fi western where the "bad guys" are the protagonists. It boasts a cast of characters such as the deadly captain who's a freakin' goof ball, a hooker with a heart of gold, a holy man with a sordid past and a husband and wife team whose typical status roles are reversed. The ship's deadliest weapon is a little girl, the doctor doesn't really like his patients and the token tough guy (probably the purest character in the entire series) has a freakin' girl's name. To make the tomboy mechanic the girliest character on the boat is exactly what the show needed.

Katy said...

Ok, triangular based prism. Damn.

Aesthetic hotness between Mal and Angel, I might be with ya on Angel, plus there's the biting...mmmmm But I would much rather sit down to dinner with Mal than Angel. If we could get Mal to occasionally nibble on a neck, he'd be even better.

Spike is the all time hottest male character on Buffy. Damn. He's on Smallville now and even though that show drives me crazy, I surf back for his scenes. But Spike, the hotness, the brains, the biting...

If you would like I can send the district my research from my blogging speech. They had all sorts of stuff about blogging being a healthy outlet for students. Just a thought. Love you so sosososo much. Uhm...let's watch some Buffy K??

I like that Kaylee's miss priss too. I agree with Rob's analysis. She doesn't have an ounce of tom boy in her. Did you see the little bo peep dress??

the beige one said...

Like I need to be thinking of the womens of the Jossverse...

Amy said...

Long time reader, first time commenter. Hang in there...Nathan Fillion shows up in Buffy, but way late in the game.

~A~ said...

Wanna know a secret? Shhhhhhhhhh, I don't watch Buffy. Angel either. Maybe catch one once in a while, but yup, not a clue.

Anyway, kick the dog, metaphoricly.

I hope you and baby gurl are feeling better soon.

Stupid ass school. That just stinks.

And yes, worry about the boyfriend. ;)

Stine said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Stine said...

Beck, I TOTALLY have your back on Angel. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't kick Mel outta bed, but Angel has/does/and will always do it for me.

Spikey is lovely, and the English accent is nothing to sneeze at, but I have to agree with Ly and Beige, Giles is the shit. Wait until Season 4, he will sing, and your heart will melt.

Sexy, sexy Brit boys (and Giles is a REAL Brit boy).

I'm SO glad you're addicted, now we just have to get your sister there.

KATIEmagic said...

Oh yes, Spike. Sigh. James Marsters isn't half as sexy without the accent though. I never watched Buffy until the re-runs on FX. It didn't take long to hook me. I think we've all been going through a bit of a bloggin dry spell. Can't wait to read and hear from you more though!

rob said...

James Marsters fun fact: He's a Seattle native. Actually got his start in the fringe theater scene here.

I did a show back in '04, the director of which played Lady M. to his MacBeth in a version mounted in the 90's. She enjoyed recounting how she got to roll around on the floor, making out with Spike. I have to admit...I was a little jealous. Not of her, but of James. I wanted to roll around on the floor and make out with her. She was taaaaaasty.