Monday, April 10, 2006


Eyelash update (huh?): Yes--here's your update on my eyelashes. I mentioned a while back that I LOVE to pull out my eyelashes. I think there's a psychological term for it that starts with a "T." Usually, I can keep myself together, and only pull out a couple every week or so. But. Last night, I was all kinds of weird, don't know why. Just my latent psychosis oozing out I guess, and I pulled out almost all of the lashes on my left eye. I mean, I have a bald eyelid. Just a little fringe in either corner. Not particularly attractive--let me tell you. So today after picking Soph up, she and I made a trip to the beauty supply store. A very nice lady helped me out after I explained the issue. She examined my naked eyelid, and recommended the individual lashes. Actually, there are about 3 lashes stuck together, and then you GLUE them to your lid wherever you need a little more, um, lash. I left the place with a box of "individual" lashes, a tube of eyelash glue (yikes) and a set of non-drag queen (I hope) looking regular false eyelashes in case I can't figure out the other ones. When I'm done here, I'm going to give them a try. Dur.

House update: I finished ripping up all the carpet in the living room--under the couches and everything--and it doesn't look bad at all. At least it's an improvement over the old, cheap, repulsively filthy carpet. I scrubbed the whole thing on my hands and knees (aside--do all guys find women scrubbing on their hands and knees sexy? When I'm scrubbing the floor or tub--I mean, really scrubbing, like with a bucket and sponge--E won't quit grabbing at my ass and other, um, appendages. Very annoying.) and put some refinisher stuff on it, and really, it's not bad. Of course, I did just pile the carpet and pad on the patio in pieces and mounds, and then it rained, and E had to clean it up, and was annoyed.

School update: I'm working with my 10th graders on both following and writing instructions. Fuck dude--I'm in WAY over my head here. Apparently, there's some kind of mental block with teenagers either following or writing step by step instructions. I've had to get a little creative, and we're doing some origami for the following instructions bit (have become a bit "in to" the origami. It's very meditative and quite orderly.) and making treasure hunts for the writing instructions bit.

Soph update: She's growing like a weed, both physically and otherwise. Her current favorite play friend is her dad. Their 2 favorite games are "Black Wizard" (E is the Black Wizard and captures Sophie--known for Black Wizard purposes as "Princess Peach." The princess must then say the magic words, "A la peanut butter sandwiches with boysenberry jelly on top. Chicky chicky ya ya bomb bomb!" and then she is free for 2 seconds. These 2 seconds are spent shrieking and running--not to far, because then the Black Wizard wouldn't capture her again for 80 or so repetitions. The other is "Kung fu farting Barbies." That one kind of speaks for itself, other than Jimmy's roll in the game. He's the dragon to which the Barbies are sometimes attached, between the Kung fu and, well, farting.

Buffy update: Have finished the first 3 seasons. Cried like a baby during the prom episode at the end of season 3--although in my defense, I was highly medicated and having some other issues that day. The first 4 episodes of season 4, it must be said, have been kind of disappointing, but still good clean fun.

Health update: bronchitis seems to be cleared up. Allergies still in full swing. Healthier eating kind of side tracked, though am trying to drink a lot more water and eat broccoli or the like at least once a week. Yoga still great--usually once a week, sometimes twice if I can swing it. It may actually be spring now, so hopefully will be taking more walks.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
We went sandal shopping together today. Soph ended up with some pink ones adorned with huge 3-D-ish daisies on them. On the way home, she was pretending that the daisies had come to life and were trying to eat her feet. In a good way.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
I can't decide. Is 3 and 2/3rds old enough to ride her trike outside in the driveway without supervision? She really wants to--and I see other kids her age playing outside. I let her do this for about 5 minutes while doing my housework, and finally made her come in while I finished. It kind of freaked me out. Am I too overprotective or am I completely negligent?


thelyamhound said...

The two real gems in season 4 are Hush, which is brilliant, and Restless, which is rich. Plus Giles sings for the first time this season (although the musical episode won't show up 'til season 6).

'Stine ALWAYS cries at The Prom. Awwww . . .

thelyamhound said...

Also . . .

. . .do all guys find women scrubbing on their hands and knees sexy?

Yes, for the same reason it's sexy watching the sirens beating laundry on the rocks in O Brother, Where Art Thou?. I don't know what that reason is, exactly, but it's the same in both instances. I even kind of associate it with the rush I get when I see women work on cars, although this last may also have a gender reversal element that adds to the effect.

I like to wear trash-rock drag when I clean the house. I feel so damn sexy.

When I'm scrubbing the floor or tub--I mean, really scrubbing, like with a bucket and sponge--E won't quit grabbing at my ass and other, um, appendages.

See, 'Stine actually gets flustered if I neglect to grab at her appendages.

amandak said...

Yay for updates!!!

Maybe I'll do one too.

Yeah, don't hold your breath on that one.

Can't wait to see the new floor sometime. Glad to hear you're still on the yoga wagon. Does Soph not love riding the trike in the BACK yard? No advice, but I'd be freaking too.

Love you darling!

rob said... all guys find women scrubbing on their hands and knees sexy?

Not so much the scrubbing. It's about the hands and knees. Put a woman in that position, the first thing a man is going to do is associate the situation with sex.

Season 4 is known as the disappointing season. Hush makes up for it, though.

Missed you. Stay undead, please.

That is to say, "remain not dead, por favor." Not, "continue to be a zombie."

That would just be weird.

rob said...

Oh yeah...Trichotillomania.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

I'm a Buffy fan also! I let my kids ride their bikes by themselves about the same age as Soph, but we had a 4 car driveway/carport in the backyard that I could park my car length wise and block other cars. Besides their trike squeaked so I could tell the second they quit riding. Then again life was a simpler time back then.

They have this new fangle thing that has an alarm go off if the child gets out of a pre-set range....maybe that would work!

Katy said...

Remember that time I "ran away" on my big wheel? But I was really only one house down and I burst into tears and cried and screamed til mom came out the door and walked the ten feet or so to come get me? For some reason the playing on the trike reminds me of that situation.

We need to have a little buffy fest, or I just need to borrown a couple seasons so we can giggle and weep together.

My theatre/drag queen background has made me pretty good with the fake eyelashes. If needs be I may be of some assistance.

Much love.

~A~ said...

First - you can come stalk me anytime. It's a lot better than me stalking myself. Don't laugh, it happened. Really drove me up the wall for a couple of weeks.

2nd - I can be your friend, I can be your sister. I will not be your mom, I have enough kids (including the adult I married who acts worse than the kids) and I will not be your wife, you don't have the right parts (organically) that I like. ;)

Eyelash - I've heard of that, but never actually knew anyone who did it. Cool but uncool. Sucks that you happen to now be the one that I know that does it. Do you pull your eyebrows too, or just lashes? I hope you get better.

House - tell E that he could have had an old stove sitting on his porch for a couple of months like I did until My Honey helped move it today. He was annoyed.

School - Origami fuckin' rocks dude!

Soph - don't let her play out front unsupervised. That freaking out feeling was your mama-spidey-sense going off. Not a fun feeling. Even where I'm at, there's no traffic at all at my house and I don't like the kids playing out front. There's just too many weirdos now a days.

Health - baby steps - keep trying to make healthy food changes. Great job on the rest of the stuff and I'm glad you're feeling better.

Okay, I'm off to bed. Feel free to email me like when ever so you don't have to stalk my panties. mutton_busters_r_us at hot mail dot com

grody jo-dee said...

i think all guys find women scrubbing on their hands and knees to be sexy. put on some yellow cleaning gloves, and let the good times roll. i seem to never really finish scrubbing the bathtub...hmmm.

Kat said...

Watch from the window or some other inconspicuous spot. This is what my mom did to me - even as I got into middle/high school. She could watch me at different points in my walk to the bus stop from the kitchen window. I didn't know until I ditched one day.

the beige one said...

I weep at Prom also...something about her finally getting the recognition.

S4 is not known as the Disappointing Season. That dubious honor belongs to a later, more heinous season. Though, neither are without its charms.

Regarding finding women either cleaning or working hot...I'll just say that it is the oddest aphrodysiac, but man, I don't know that I could ever resist playing with that.

patrice said...

am I the only one who a) hasn't commented here already and b) doesn't watch buffy?

how long is your driveway? are you on a residential street? are there sidewalks?

rob said...

What would be the best place for me to park my van?

Kodi said...

Uh, just call Kiri and let her watch Soph riding around in the front yard. Or does that count? Soph would probably recognize immediately that this does not constitute riding around in the front yard ALONE.

NME said...

Chicky ya ya bomb bomb indeed!

Hmmm! I had no idea that scrubbing was so sexy. And here I've had Mark doing all the scrubbing.

Sorry about your eyelashes. I think you should get a set of those shiny rainbow ones just for fun. Maybe the kids would get a kick out of it.

So glad you are feeling better. I can't advise you about the trike riding without seeing your setup. I'd just say follow your instincts.

lonna said...

We see 3-5 year olds unsupervised all the time around our neighborhood and we are just blown away. We end up watching them on and off just to make sure that nothing happens to them.

I have to admit that I never got into Buffy either. My brother-in-law is a huge Buffy fan and even won some kind of award at one of their academic conventions about the show. He wrote some fully comprehensive bibliography regarding the show (he's a librarian).