Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Well, the verdict is in, and apparently, Mr. Epstein Barr is responsible for my recent malaise. My feeling on this are mixed. Apparently I’m not completely crazy, but as I’ve said before, I’ve always looked somewhat askance on the CFS/Epstein Barr thing. Plus, I can’t really figure out what it is. On most of the web sites I visit looking for information, Epstein Barr seems to be used interchangeably with mono. I’ve read in a couple of other places that Epstein Barr is the virus that CAUSES mono. I’ve also read that in adults, the symptoms are called “Epstein Barr,” and in teenagers, the symptoms are called, “mono.” Apparently, between 40% and 50% of adults have the Epstein Barr virus—but it doesn’t “activate” in most people. Basically—color me confused.

I don’t know why or how I have it—just that I do. The nurse I talked to on the phone told me to get a good multivitamin, along with a B complex vitamin, and to come in for B12 shots as often as once a week. She said to sleep whenever I can. She said that I’m “peaking” (haven’t done that since my college days) right now, and will “exhibit acute symptoms” for the next several weeks. She said that my numbers (whatever numbers they are—and whoever is counting them) should be around 19 and are at like 164 (whatever that means).

What I do know is I’m tired. Deadly tired. I also know that I basically don’t give a shit about much of anything, and that the kitchen is being devoured by dishes and my bedroom floor is being devoured by laundry. I know I’m getting wrinkles. I know that I need to take better care of myself. I know that I hate to do that.


Now then—Sophie news. We had an incident with the honey bear yesterday. She wants to love it. To tart it around the house, drinking honey directly from the poor little guy’s head at will. I do not want this. Yesterday, I caught her with the honey bear. She startled, took it out of her mouth, and said, “I love you mommy!”

I had a conference with her teacher and learned that Soph is brilliant and clever in almost every way—other than real world things. She recognizes letter sounds better than anyone in her class—but is the only one who can’t zip her coat. She’s the only one who knows the primary colors—knows that they’re called primary colors, and knows how to mix them to make secondary colors—but refuses to put the straw in her juice box by herself. So—I’m thinking this is operator error—and I’m the operator. We play word games. We make play-dough. We read and read and read. BUT—I always am in a hurry to get things done, and do things for her she should be learning to do on her own. So—note to self, quit babying my baby—because she’s not a baby anymore.

Today’s best thing about being a mom:

Taking out her braids and sending her to school with beautiful wavy “princess hair.”

Today’s worst thing about being a mom:
Waiting for her to ZIP HER DAMN JACKET UP!!


OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Hey people make a living mixing colors! Painters Artist etc...... Now can you name one person who has ever made a living zipping coats? Me neither so I think you are doing a GR8 JOB!

Hope you feel better soon!!!

Honey bear - I love you Mommy - now who can complain?

~A~ said...

OMG are you serious? Zipping coats? Bite my white ass. I'll admit Elf does the juice box thing too well but he's known as the "juice box boy". But he can't zip his coat. In fact I know a lot of Ks who can't do any of the things Soph can plus zip coats.

I'd rather have a honey suckin' ropin' cowgirl bubble artist anyway day than some dullard who can zip up a jacket.

Speaking of honey, try and find honey straws that come in different flavors, the kids (and I) love those.

That's stinky about the EB but at least you now know what's going on and how to tackle it. I'll look in my books for other natural ways to deal with it, but the Bs sound like the best bet.


grody jo-dee said...

they're just jealous of her obvious brillance :) what mom runs around bragging, "my kid can zip her coat!" as opposed to, "my kid can make secondary colors!"


Kodi said...

Well I hope the diagnosis and the subsequent vitamins + lots o sleep get you feeling better. But seriously, you have to have shots?! of vitamins?! That bites big time.
Sophie is perfectly capable of doing things for herself, but she knows that if she acts like she can't do it, someone will do it for her, and she is a clever clever girl. That is my theory anyway.

~A~ said...

So I did some reading last night, more on the CFS than the EB but there were some mentioning of EB with the CFS. From what I gathered it's that CFS wears down on your immune system making people more susceptible to EB, which is why you get the EB symptoms and some.

So when I have time here in a little bit I'll have more to spew, stuff that you're not going to like, like more exercise and a lot of it. At first I'm thinking that's insane. Tell some one with CFS to go work out like a crazy person, but then it makes sense because it's getting serotonin and other good juices flowin'.

Anyway, I'll write more later because now I have to put in my underwear the stupid shit my honey just said to me.

thelyamhound said...

I was a latecomer on the matter of shoe-tying. Go figure.

The problem with "real life" stuff is that it's really no more real than anything else. Clothing fasteners, like primary colors, are part of this grand civilized construct in which we've all more or less agreed to participate. Because nearly all aspects of it are non-instinctive, and largely counterintuitive, most of us will figure some aspects out faster than others. It sounds like she's doing fine.

amandak said...

Zach's favorite time to tell me he loves me is when I'm wiping his butt.

NME said...

I haven't a clue about Epstein Barr - except it can't be fun. No fun to have the symptoms and no fun to have people telling you to workout and eat healthier. It sounds like it really bites.

It's no surprise Sophie is a genius - and like most geniuses have neglected some of the daily dullery to learn bigger more exciting things. The boring stuff can wait - she'll get around to them.