Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Thbpttt (That is, insert raspberry noise here.)

Went to the doctor's office on my lunch break to have my monthly phentermine heart check (yes--still taking them). He listened to my heart, and asked how I felt. I told him kind of shitty because of my seasonal alergies. He listened to my lungs and looked at my throat, nose, and ears, and told me that no, actually, I have a darn nasty case of bronchitis, combined with a sinus infection. Joy.

So--I ran back to work, gave my principal the little doctor's note thingy, and told him I'd better go home and stop infecting everyone. Stopped by the drug store for a huge sack of prescriptions--called my mom to ask her to pick Soph up and love her for a while this afternoon, and now am going to bed.

As today is my one year blog anniversary, I had been planning a very witty and clever year in review type post. Guess that can wait until tomorrow.


grody jo-dee said...

at least a sinus infection has an end in sight, after all the drugs kick in.

happy blogaversary and feel better!

lonna said...

Happy blogaversary. That sucks about the bronchitis and sinus infection. I've had a ton of sinus infections since I've moved to Iowa/had Dermot, but I've been able to avoid bronchitis. Hopefully all of your drugs will kick in quickly.

~A~ said...

Happy blogaversary!!!

You know, something to look in to perhaps if you are a seasonal allergy sufferer but find that you end up with these sinus/bronchial infections is that it is allergy induced. For years My Honey would get these bronc. infections that would turn in to pneumonia and the Army PAs would just treat that and it really didn't do shit for him. After being married to me for a few years and I noticed the pattern we brought the theory to our Civilian doctor that it's tree allergies. Doc. J put Honey on a big dose mixture of allergy medications to take when the season is about to start and during and he hasn't had an infection since. w00t!

Anyhooooooo, feel better, get rest, enjoy some quiet time. Blog (or something) more later. :)

the beige one said...

Yay blog birthdays!

patrice said...

happy blogiversary!

KATIEmagic said...

Happy blogaversary!! I hope you're feeling better.

rob said...

I sure hope you didn't die.

Please don't be dead.

Shoot a flare out your ass or something to let us know that you're still not dead.

Don't be dead.