Friday, April 28, 2006

Soccer mom?

Imagine this: Sophie Gene--her hair in braids. She's wearing shiny black Adidas soccer shorts (2 smacks at the kids clothes consignment store) that come down to her pudgy knees and poof out in the back because of her toddler ghetto booty. Shin pads that cover her leg from knee to ankle. Cleats. A pink Power Puff Girls t-shirt. Tucked under her right arm is a brand new 3 year old size but official non-the less-soccer ball. And she's grinning like I just told her she could drink a glass of maple syrup for breakfast.

Sophie had her first soccer practice yesterday, AND I DIDN'T BRING THE CAMERA!!

I could just kick myself in the ass about a million times.

She's not officially on the team yet. That will have to wait until she turns 4, but a fellow teacher (and very very sporty gal) coaches her son's 4-6 year old team, and said Soph could start coming to practices now, and start playing in games after her birthday in August.

Now--you may not have noticed, but I'm not much of a sportster. That is, I play exactly none sports, neither do I watch them on tv. So--Soph has very little background info on the world of "two teams travel with a ball in oposite directions and put it in a very specific place and therefore earn points." We play pretend. We cook. We read. We watch too many movies. I guess that's why upon arriving at her very first soccer practice, her first item of business was showing everyone (boys/girls/parents/coach) her cool new gear--asking each "Cute--huh?" Then, she tried to get the other kids to pretend the ball was a jewel, and she was a princess, and they were dragons. Eventually she caught on to the fact that she was supposed to be practicing kicking the ball, etc., and had an ok time.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Helping her strap on her shin guards

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Two of her friends had a play date today--and she wasn't invited, which is fine. But, she was very sad and shed many tears and my heart broke just a little.


~A~ said...

You DID NOT have a camera to capture the cuteness? Isn't that like breaking 9 kinds of mothering in the digital age laws? You didn't run to the store and pay out the ass for a disposable camera? (Yes, I did that because I forgot my camera).

Man, that's some cuteness. Good thing I have kids so I can imagine it although we don't do team sports around here. The parents are the psycho kind of ones, and since CC-parents have like 100 kids that play every sport all year round, I would have to deal with them more often. So we hike.

Did Rob email you for me? Some times he doesn't pass on messages very well.

grody jo-dee said...

okay, so dress her for pratice, and drag her out in the yard for some pics. we need to see the massive cutie-pie-ness of that uniform.

that is so funny you say she has toddler ghetto booty. i am worried that my daughter has no-ass syndrome like her dad, and that my son has my ghetto booty.....

patrice said...

well, she'll be in that attire probably millions more just bring it next time. soon enough, you'll travel everywhere with a fold up chair in your trunk and sunscreen tucked in under your seat, wondering when THIS game will be over, just like the rest of us soccer moms.

Heather said...

Well, you will have to bring a camera next time so we can ALL bask in the cuteness!!

lonna said...

That Sophie-Gene is just a scream.

"Cute-huh?" That's just precious. I hope that soccer turns out to be a good place for all of her energy. We're thinking about looking for some tumbling type of thing for Dermot once we move so that he can spend his energy in better ways that destroying our house.

NME said...

I like Sophie's take on soccer. Cute uniforms and dragons sound much more appealing then just kicking a damn ball around.

I don't forsee myself being a very good sports mom.

thelyamhound said...

I'd be a terrible sports dad, for the same reasons NME doubts her potential efficacy as a sports mom. I, too, prefer the take on any sport that includes dragons (or super powers, or fishnet stockings . . . or, um, something).

Soccer is a nobler sport than most.