Friday, July 29, 2005

Does a bear shit in the woods?

I currently have a roll of toilet paper sticking on a branch of the shrub by my front door.

"Why?" you may ask.

Well--because Sophie's current favorite thing to watch on TV is the Charmin Ultra commercials. She loves the little bear. She loves the little bear's mom. She loves the little song they sing. She loves that the commercial deals with bathroom things.

So--she sneaked a roll of toilet paper outside, and stuck it on a branch "Like the bears Mommy!"

When I dared to try and remove it, we had a 3 alarm melt down. So, because I am the most permissive mother in the woods, the paper remains.

In addition to the questionable front door decor, we also actually play Charmin games. Sophie takes a long strip of TP from the roll, and looks at me expectantly. My job is to then say, "You don't need that much little bear!" and the model how much TP she needs. Sigh.

Also, she loves to recreate the very scientific experiment of putting the TP in a cup, adding some water, and turning the cup upsidedown to show just how absorbent the TP actually is. She was VERY pissed that we didn't have any blue water. While Janz and I were playing chess with our Marvel comics chess set (My knight is Spider Man--how cool is that?) Sophie stuffed a wad of TP in my glass of Pepsi, turned it upside down, thus spilling my last Pepsi all over the table, and announced, "With Charmin Ultra, less is more!"

I think we're going to watch less TV from now on.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Janz and I have started playing chess on a pretty regular basis. I suck at chess, as I can't think of more than 3 moves in advance. I'm just a hair better than he is. It's great to have a kid who is old enough to play games with.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Wondering what the neighbors must think


Jen said...

It is so weird the things that kids latch on to. A Charmin commercial of all things!

Katy said...

cha cha cha charmin!! I think it's great. I know I'm the auntie, I think everythings great...but it is! And I'm sure no one thinks less of you for having toilet paper on a branch. Think of it as a potty training in progress sign.

NME said...

PRICELESS. It's so great because you can totally use it to help her potty train. Make sure you record this commercial so you can play it for her when she is older.

Jen O. said...

"...because I am the most permissive mother in the woods..."

That's just plain awesome.

patrice said...

I love it. love it. love it. she's so freakin adorable.

I have to say, I was the same way when I was little, with the commercials. my mom (and various relatives, who also love to tell these stories) likes to remind me of all the commercials I would quote on demand. if someone had a headache, I'd tell them in all seriousness, "Take 3. Anacin 3." and I still put toothpaste on my tooth brush a la aquafresh commercials. and I only recently was made aware that that is way too much toothpaste. who knew?

Stine said...

she did NOT say that? Oh my God that child is killing me.