Monday, July 11, 2005


At the middle and end of each school year, every teacher in my district has to write a reflection. It's a very structured writing assignment designed to help us see where we are, and where we want to go. First we write about what we should keep doing. Then we write about what we should stop doing. Then we should write about what we should star doing. Every year, it's a piece of cake for me to list what I should start and stop doing, but thinking of what I should keep doing is HARD! Here's my "how's the summer going" personal reflection. Here goes.

Things I should keep doing:
Playing silly games with Sophie
Reading tons of books
Keeping my toe-nails painted
Watering my outside pots

Things I should stop doing:
Playing computer Scrabble 1+ hours per day
Checking my blog for comments 5+ times per day
Putting off the house work
Laying on the couch until 9:00 watching cartoons with Sophie
Putting off getting ready for school next year
Eating tons of junk
Giving Sophie a bottle at bed time
Letting the inside of my car become a smelly dumpster
Going out to eat so much
Drinking Cosmopolitans on an empty stomach (sorry Paul and Jen)

Things I should start doing:
Taking a walk every morning before it gets too hot outside
Drinking more water
Dusting the house--at least monthly
Cleaning under my bed--at least yearly
Cleaning out the refrigerator--at least weekly
Doing yoga again
Calling my brother and sister
Going to the grocery store and planning meals instead of eating out ALL THE TIME!
Teaching Sophie how to pick up her own toys
Teaching Erik how to pick up his own toys (ha--but true)

I'm feeling kind of bored and boring today, and my house, as usual, is a fucking pig sty. I'm going to go take my pills, do the dishes, and clean up the living room. (I won't subject anyone to another list of all the shit that is on the floor today, but it includes various things Sophie used to make instruments this morning and about half a bowl of popcorn that her dad made for her last night. Speaking of her dad, we're apparently not speaking. Sometimes this marriage thing feels like running on a hampster wheel while wearing 40 pound army boots and juggling porcupines.)