Thursday, July 14, 2005

If it's not one end, it's the other.

If you happened to read my post yesterday, and actually did say a prayer to whatever god or goddess you may pray to, THANK YOU, because the day was remarkably cluster-fuck free.

The kids were great with the exception of a couple of little neighborhood kids who tried to argue with me when I said they couldn't come over to play because Karynn (my sis-in-law) was gone. They tried to give me shit but I turned on my best teacher voice, and gave them a withering displeased teacher look, and they soon saw the light. Bless their hearts--they didn't know with whom they were dealing. Sophie had a wonderful time playing with the cousins (she calls them "my boys") and I even had a chance to read in my book for a while.

I do have one complaint, however. Little Jesse, the one year old, had a runny nose; not a little clear trickle either, mind you, but a literal fountain of viscous green goo. Now, in a pinch with Sophie, I have been known to wipe her nose with my shirt, and sometimes even my hand. I've been handed numerous boogers, and even been witness to her first booger snack attempt. However, she is the fruit of my loins, and I have to say, that the mucus of other people's fruits really grosses me out. I was wiping that little nose ALL DAY and every time the snot managed to circumvent the tissue and get on my hand. Eww.

On a different note, in the next 3 weeks, Sophie will be turning 3, my husband will be turning 31, and I will be turning (gasp) 30. The 3 and 30 mommy daughter duo should be an interesting combination. I remember when I discovered I was pregnant (I wouldn't call my sweet Sophie a mistake--but neither would call her a plan) thinking "I'm too young to be a mom." This thought, of course, was ludicrous, because, at the time I was 27 (maybe 26?) and could easily, by that time, have given birth to a multitude of children. For the most part though, I'm glad I waited until my late 20's to have her; but when I see my girl-friends' kids, (they all started quite a bit earlier than me) who are all over 10, being incredibly self sufficient, I sometimes wish I were past the bum-wiping stage.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Sophie's hair has gotten SO LONG! It's almost down to her waist when it's wet. If I put her in front of a good show with a popsicle, she'll let me French braid it. We've done a crown over the top, farm-girl braids, renaissance-ish side braids--you name it. It's so beautiful.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
I'm getting pretty tired of wiping a butt that isn't mine. Damn, I see a lot of that kid's butt.


patrice said...

snot is gross, and grosser when it's not yours. I remember discussing trent's insane boogies with his father - describing them as looking like french cut string beans that I swear were 2 inches long.

having gotten my parenting start early, I can say that I am certifiably insane in starting the process all over again at age 30. I had just stopped with the ass wiping and now I get to begin again.

congratulations on turning 30, it's a milestone. and since you have teeth, are past crawling, and can talk, there aren't many of those that you get to pass. so, congrats! and to little sophie gene, too - with the braids in her beautiful hair.

NME said...

Thirty ain't no thang. Especially when you have a beautiful daughter and a job you enjoy - not to mention a great sense of humor and the ability to appreciate the things that really deserve appreciation like braiding your daughters hair.

To celebrate your entrance to thirty you and Sophie should come visit us in Philly. I have a spare bedroom - and you can hang with Patrice, Bella, Trent, Jen, and Theresa. We could even take you to the beach. Have you been to the East Coast? I don't often offer people I've never met in person a room - I'm not insane - but I feel like we all know you and you could use a getaway. It sounds quite crazy but I'm totally serious.

Missuz J said...

That invitation is (this will sound lame) incredibly touching. If you're totally serious, I'd totally love to take you up on it someday. I'm a western girl to my toes--and have never once been east of the Mississippi.

NME said...

Seriously - you are always welcome. And I'm sure all the other Philly gals back me up.

patrice said...

fo shiz! we'll even get you saying "wooder" and stuff!!! I would love it. love it!!

Jen O. said...

We're serious!! It would be so much fun. I would warn against a visit in the winter, but spring, summer and fall are beautiful times of the year. And we could all share you during your visit, like a blogger's Stanley Cup.

Missuz J said...

Ok. If you all are REALLY serious, I'll run it by Erik and start saving my pennies. Ummm. Exactly when and where and how does one say "wooder." Is it an explitive, like, "That guy is such a wooder?"

NME said...

Save away. And if you want to run dates or details by me you can email strangeafoot at gmail dot com. And we've got the spare room with a Queen bed and a twin bed in Noah's nursery for Soph if you bring her - OH and all my time is free time - so we get dibs on you.

Wooder can be an expletive only if you say "Get me a glass of fuckin' wooder." Actually it is the Philly accented pronounciation of water. We'll make you a list.