Sunday, July 31, 2005

Happy Birthday to Erik

It's my hubby's birthday today. We're going up to Salt Lake tonight--killing 3 birds with one stone actually: taking Janzen home, having birthday hotel sex, and getting Erik to a meeting he has up there tomorrow.

My mom's keeping Sophie and Jimmy (for this, she her place in heaven is definitely assured) --the plan is for them to stay at her house, but there is a chance that they'll come here, so that means CLEANING! The plan had been to clean when Soph went down for her nap--but as usual, when I really want her to nap, she doesn't--so I'm going to tackle the house with her tackling me.

In honor of Erik's birthday--here are a couple of Erik lists.

Erik's weird food things:

Erik is literally terrified of raw chicken. I once chased him through the kitchen with a raw chicken leg. Janz and I laugh about the time Erik said, "Janz--don't come in the kitchen--there's raw chicken in here," much in the same tone he might have said, "There are rabid wolverines in here."

He won't eat corn unless it's on the cob. Salsa with corn? Noooo. I don't think so. Corn in soup? Think again.

When we first got married--Erik filled me in on the "big 3" which are: eggs, peas, and tomatoes. We've whittled the list down to the big 2--tomatoes are now acceptable in certain venues; but eggs and peas--never.

If you wanted to do something nice for Erik, you could:

Bake him a German chocolate cake--his favorite. The icing must be at least 1/2 inch thick.

Watch Big Trouble in Little China with him--but don't talk during the movie--that really pisses him off.

Clean out his car.

Talk about talk radio with him.

Buy him the new season of Aqua Teens on DVD.

Do his laundry--because his wife swore an oath 9 years that she never would--and has kept it.

Let him take a nice long run in the morning.

Help him find his keys, wallet, hat, or other assorted items that he is sure to be missing.

Reasons you should be jealous of me (missuzj) for having Erik as a husband:

Yes--he is as hot as he looks in his pictures.

He's a great dad to both of his kids. He knows how to PLAY with kids, and they love him for it.

He's dynamite in the sack.

He's a computer genius, and is willing to help however he can.

He will read to you in bed at night.

He gives foot rubs.


Rebecca said...

I think it's so awesome that you and Erik still have that spark after 9 years of marriage! Happy Birthday to him! Here's to many more birthdays and anniversaries with lots of love!

amandak said...


I was totally going to call him today and got sidetracked. Story of my life. Ah well, I'll have to wish him (and you by then) happy belated this weekend. Can't wait to see you!!!

patrice said...

happy birthday to erik indeed. and did I hear yours is nigh as well?

he is pretty hot in his pictures. I too am afraid of raw chicken. how is he with those commercials that liken sponges for cleaning to cleaning with a raw chicken leg?

have fun with the hotel wink wink and all the other fun stuff wink wink you'll be doing wink wink.

Jen O. said...

Happy birthday, Erik!

I too had the same corn phobias for a while. Mountains of salt and butter helped me cope.

Curious: Does Erik read your blog?

NME said...

I love your lists!

For his birthday he should run while eating German Chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Erik!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday, Erik!

By the way, I had a dream I was at your house, only it looked like my mom's house. All I remember is Sophie asking me why I was there.

Kelly said...

Happy birthday, Erik!

By the way, I had a dream I was at your house, only it looked like my mom's house. All I remember is Sophie asking me why I was there.