Thursday, July 14, 2005

Found some old pictures

While cleaning out my dresser drawers (shocking) I found an old picture CD my dad burned for me almost 3 years ago. Here are the highlights.

This is a picture my dad took when I first told him and my mom that I was pregnant. I had taken the test about 10 minutes before and raced to my parents house. I was so terrified, surprised, excited, and basically freaked out, that I just needed to be with as many loving people as I could. Erik was surprised and terrified as well, but was very sweet about sharing this first couple hours of my pregnancy (that we knew of) with my folks.

This next one is the most pregnant picture I have of myself. I don't know WHAT I was thinking with the red dress. Obviously this is my baby shower. The two cute gals on the right are Kodi and Kelli--two of my best girl friends.

Here is Janzen holding his baby sister for the first time. I can't believe how young he is here. Look at those cheeks!

This one is Sophie's first bath at home. The irony is that only moments ago she gave her teddy bear a bath in a bowl of water that she filled up herself by climbing onto the counter while I wasn't looking.


patrice said...

this picture of you and the picture in your little profile thingie look TOTALLY different. you don't look bad pregnant at all! I have my own "red dress" from my pregnancy with trent - it was a purple pair of overalls. yes. purple overalls.

sophie looks so sweet and small. and janzen's cheeks look like ice cream with strawberry topping - good enough to eat.

NME said...

Teeny tiny Sophie! Did her bear cry?

When I was pregnant I would wear just about anything that fit and was comfortable - regardless if it fit in with any personal style I once had. So my black Tshirt wearing ass was wearing pink polka dotted sundresses. It's surreal to even think about it.

A Man without a Band said...

whew... that wine.

a little worse for the wear today.

Thanks so much for dinner last night. It all started so pleasant, eh? Sorry it got so intense.

It just gets frustrating when you love and worry about someone who seems unwilling to love or worry about themselves.

Truth be told, I really have little room to speak in this situation, except to speak from my own life experiences.

I meant what I said though about being so glad to have you all in my life again. Have a good couple weeks (AND BIRTHDAY! Can't wait to celebrate when we get back).

Stine said...

Soph is the CUTEST in those pics. You look radiant pregnant.