Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Weird things I like

Coming up with something new and interesting to blog about every day (ok, 3-4 times a week) is getting tricky. Let's see here. How about I borrow an idea from a very accomplished blogger--sarcomical--(I'm way to lazy to add a link. Check my "on line peeps") and do some listing.

Weird things I like:

I like to---

go to the movies and buy Red Vines, a Sprite, and popcorn. Then I bite off both ends of a Red Vine and use it as a straw to drink the Sprite. It makes the Sprite kind of cherry-ish, and then when you eat the licorice, it's kind of soggy in the middle and frozen on the outside.

fill up my ice cube trays.

eat the crunchy corners of the cake, brownies, or whatever. (Does that make sense?)

watch the Real World/Road Rules challenge.

clip my husband's toe nails and clean out his ears. (Eww! Gross-I know) (p.s. When we were separated, he said that he knew I was going to come back when I offered to cut his toe nails for him.)

read the same books over and over--especially The Blue Sword, The Hero and the Crown, Dragon Song, Dragon Singer, and Anne of Green Gables. All young adult books, I know, but I guess I'm young at heart.

make up annoying games to play in the car--like "Who can think of the most songs that have to do with food? (ex. Blueberry hill, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Cornflake Girl) and "Who can think of the most words that end in "ation" (ex. creation, masturbation, reincarnation, clay-mation)

diagram sentences.

So, if after reading this list, you no longer like me--I'll mourn your missing numbers on my counter. If, however, you're inspired to share any weird things that you particularly like, please do!

No best and worst thing about being a mom today. Sophie has an ear infection and is too grouchy for words.


TD said...

I like to drink orange juice immediately after brushing my teeth. At least I did pre-acid reflux disease...

Great list!

Marksthespot said...

"The little queen all golden/flew hissing at the sea/to stop each wave/her clutch to save/she ventured bravely."

I read both Pern trilogies at least 10 times.

Marksthespot said...

Oh, and I like to get the hairy clogs out of slow bathroom drains with my bare hands.

Stine said...

-picking zits
-rubbing anything of texture between my fingers
-cleaning out my belly button
-sleeping with my "head blankey"
-lying on my back looking up at the ceiling and pretending that it's the floor and visa versa
-save anything saucy that's on my plate for the last bite
-pluck my eyebrows
-count how many thing I've ironed after I iron them because it makes me feel accomplished
-watching any sort of medical program i.e. Rescue 911, Autopsy, live surgeries etc.

culayta said...

I like popcorn with m&m's
-hot dogs w/ peanutbutter
-the smell of gas
-picking zits on my husband
-farting to make my son laugh

Ok, that is enough, don't want you to think I am too crazy.

Cool post though.

NME said...

I haven't done that with licorice since I was a kid.

And Theresa's OJ story brought to mind my own OJ curiosity. I like to drink OJ with sourdough pretzels. I put a piece of pretzel in my mouth and then drink the OJ - letting it get the pretzel mushy before chewing itg.

I also like to clean out my ears with Qtips and push back the cuticles on my toenails. And for some odd reason I had filling ice cube trays.

Katy said...

When I eat peanuts I slice them up into little pieces with my teeth before I eat them. Even peanut m&m's I eat the candy and chocolate very methodically and then split the peanut in pieces and get to slicin. I also love to squish mud between my toes. And I love the smell of craft stores.

patrice said...

I like to peel off the outer chocolate off a 3 musketeers bar before eating the cloud like center. I like to get ingrown toenails out. I love peeling skin from myself and others. I like to organize my shopping cart. I always put my shoes and pants on with my right leg/foot first and if I don't, I have to take them off and start again. I love the smell of cut grass. I love to pluck my eyebrows. and I like to fold towels.

Jen said...

I still like you! Oh and I love Real World/Road Rules Challenge!

I love to sniff Play Doh.

No-L said...

I like to:
-Eat potato chip sandwiches (layes chips smashed in between 2 slices of bread.)
-Squish marshmallows as small as possible before eating them (I do the samething with plain slices of bread.)
-Flatten a grilled cheese sandwich as flat as possible.
-pick my teeth
-shake hands with my feet (every finger between every toe.)
-prop both sides of my pillow up against my ears to sleep.