Thursday, August 11, 2005

Back to School

Lordy Lordy. (Who the hell says "Lordy" anyway? My dad grew up as poor white Nebraska railroad trash. I'm not dissing--I'm embracing my heritage. I never know if I should smile or cringe when I find myself saying things like, "I reckon so" or "Quicker than a chicken on a June bug.") Were was I. Oh yah. Lordy-ing. School started for me yesterday. The faculty of my school met to come up with a new mission statement, new "belief statements" and new measurable goals. So. We broke into groups to work on the mission statement. It took for freakin ever. They just should have said, "Rebecca--will you write us a mission statement?" because in the end, that's what happened. Here's what I came up with. "Our mission is to reintroduce our students to the rewards and value of education, and in doing so, help them to become literate, socially aware, life--long learners." Not bad--eh? I should write speeches for politicians. I can always pull some smooth sounding shit out my ass.

Anyhoo. Today I had to do the "Writing Across the Curriculum" training (Notice--the acronym is WAC.) I'd rather teach 15 of the meanest hardest teenagers than face a room full of 40 teachers. Teachers are notoriously bad at being students. They talk, to each other and on their cell phones; they get off the subject; they think what you are saying applies to everyone but them. But--I got through it ok and managed to keep there attention for 90 minutes or so.

Sophie got to bring cupcakes to day care today--as her birthday is tomorrow. I just spent $95 dollars at Walmart on presents and party stuff. I bought a Disney Princess fold out bed/sleeping bag thing (because currently we play sleep-over ALL THE TIME), an Eleyna "Farytopia" Barbie, a big container of play food for the play kitchen, "High Ho Cherrio," princess plates, party favors, and balloons. Birthdays are kind of an expensive pain in the ass, but she's worth it.

After our very bad day on Monday, the last 2 days of school meetings have actually been quite pleasant. (Are popsicles safe for dogs? Jimmy just totally snaked Sophie's and gulped it down in one bite.) It's been nice to get the chance to miss her a little instead of feel totally smothered by her.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
When I took the cupcakes to day care, both of her teachers were absolutely gushing about how smart and cute Sophie is. I felt like the world's best mom--instead of the world's worst.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
I paid the day care bill today. That shit is EXPENSIVE!


Kodi said...

I just got back from buying Soph a present. I hope it goes over better than the talking vacuum cleaner from last year. Tho I have to say, I am very glad Zach loved it. That definitely made it worth buying, watching Zach vacuum under grandma's bar stools. In answer to the question you posted on my blog, there was no carrier for the toilet seat cover. She was just holding the thing in her hands, browsing thru the books. Rita asked her what it was, and she said she didn't trust public bathrooms, so she kept this cover handy when traveling. uh huh. wacky.

patrice said...

so I think this means that TODAY is sophie's birthday!


happy birthday, soph
you are a sweet little girl
with a loving mom

M.Thom said...

Hi-Ho Cherrio is THE BEST GAME EVER!!! I loved that game!!!

A belated happy birthday to Sophie!