Saturday, August 13, 2005


I thank the Lord, or the Great Goddess, or whatever deity it was who sent a lovely and cool morning to Cedar City.

I thank her (or him)for sending Jimmy to my family. He's taken to laying in my lap on his back, like a baby, while I scratch his belly and talk baby talk to him. He's been a blessing to all of us. Janzen gets outside more. Sophie has to surrender the center of attention. I get to rub a warm puppy belly in the cool morning air, and Erik smiles more often.

I thank him (or her) for sending me Sophie who has made the last three years of my life worth living. Watching her run around in her new princess panties this morning--one side snugged up in the crack of her fat little butt--was more blessing than I could ever deserve. Sitting on the couch at 6:30 while she served me up a breakfast of a plastic chicken leg, fake peas, and an apple juice box--assembled with care in her play kitchen, was a more lovely way to start the day than even sleeping in until 10:00 could be.

I thank her (or him) for Janzen--for letting me be a part of this exceptional boy's life--even though I didn't give birth to him. Yesterday at Sophie's party, a butterfly party hat perched on top of his fabulous dollar store fedora, a baloon tied to the top for good measure, he was totally himself: individual, fun, willing to be silly, and an attentive and loving big brother to his little sis.

I thank him (or her) for Erik. He never fails to take care of all of us. I heard him sneak out this morning at 6:00--his anxiety and insomnia pushing him out the door--but he returned to us an hour later with a cornucopia of gas station fare. Pop tarts for the kids. Vanilla cappucino for me. He knows my back is seconds from going out today, and has been a total Nazi about me bending over or picking anything up. I never ever have any doubt about how much he loves me or how much he loves his kids.

I thank her (or him) for family and friends. Katy took the day off yesterday to create the most beautiful Cinderella cake a 3 year old could ask for on her birthday. It truly made Sophie's birthday to see Katy unveil that gorgeous cake. My mom showed up with balloons, presents, and to remind me of my 8th birthday, a package of princess panties, wrapped, for Sophie to open at the ice cream parlor. My dad had the trusty digital camera as always. Sweet Kodi rushed to the party from work--in the rain, and she and Kiri ate cake and ice cream with us, were great sports about the crazy kids, and gave Soph the most fabulous feathery sequined Barbie chair in all the land.

At the expense of sounding like a bad episode of Oprah, it's time for me to start saying thanks, and stop bitching. I am very blessed.


amandak said...

Sounds like good times were had by all. I have to officially apologize for not getting a present there in time. This last week has been pretty crazy, but that's no excuse. I feel a little like crying, I'm missing you all so much. It doesn't help that I can literally picture the whole scene, full of details, of the Grandee's party. You're an awesome mom, and you have awesome kids.

Jen said...

That is so cute that Janzen is still wearing that hat. He is adorable. It looks like the party was a real success.

patrice said...

what a sweet entry this was. everyone looks like they had a ton of fun. kiri is really quite pretty, by the way, and janz is so adorable. as is soph, of course.

and that cake! I can't get over it.

I'm glad things are looking up for you, rebecca. and does it make me a pet dork if I say that I am so excited that you love jimmy?

kodi said...

I had a fabulous time at the party. It was the perfect princess party. Kiri had a blast even though she doesn't look real happy in the picture