Friday, August 26, 2005

Insert clever title with "seven" in it

Seven things I plan to do before I die:
Sing "Makin' Woopie" on a grand piano at a great night club (a la Michelle Pfifer in Fabulous Baker Boys)
Fit into a pair of size 8 jeans
Sit on a rock at Point Lobos with Mandy
See the city where I was born (Christchurch, New Zealand)
Have a beautifully landscaped yard
Learn to REALLY play the guitar
Watch Sophie become whatever she truly wants to be

Seven things I can do:
Sing "Son of a Preacher Man" like nobody's business
Make pie crust from scratch
Find ways to entertain children at restaurants and in the car
Distinguish between a transitive and intransitive verb
Dance with abandon...if not skill
Engage and teach a room full of at risk-teenagers
Make killer French braids

Seven things I cannot do:
Believe Joseph Smith was a prophet
Sleep comfortably while wearing clothes
Return movie rentals on time
Acquire a taste for beer (how I've tried!)
Find a chew toy for Jimmy that he likes more than my shoes or Sophie's Care Bears
Learn to let other people have their own shit and not try to fix it or take ownership for it

Seven things I say most often:
Are you shitting me?
Jimmy! No biting!
Sophie--be careful!
That's what you get!
I love you.
Do you need to go potty?

Seven things that attract me to the opposite sex:
Rebellious spirit (this one has been a problem)
Dreamy eyes
Makes me laugh
Smarter than me (or at least can keep up)
Will be silly
Broad shoulders
Likes to go down

Seven celebrity crushes:
The only two that haven't been listed by everyone else are
Collin Firth
Jon Bon Jovi (On a PURELY physical level)

Seven peeps who I want to do this:
OK--We need some boys to do this, so

Man Without a Band

(Sorry--I thought you though meme's are/were lame)

The Hound of Bloggerville

although he doesn't have a blog My Husband

And 4 other guys who may read my blog that I don't know.


Katy said...

Uhm I said Colin Firth :P Great list. Perhaps a sister trip to Monterey area is in order.

lonna said...

Great list. I can make homemade pie crust too. My mother was never able to, so we can be proud of that. I didn't know you were born in New Zealand. That would be so cool if you got to go back there. I would also like a nicely landscaped yard. We have a brand new house and we're still trying to get the grass to grow, much less anything else.

A Man without a Band said...

zjthis is going to sound whiny and like the last kid to get picked, but... no one's asked ME. Actually, I'd like to get Erik's two cents, as well, seeing as this is a predominantly woman-oriented blog circle.

I had to look real hard to see that seventh thing you like in the opposite sex. Tricky you.

As far as the beer thing, I wouldn't worry too much. In my opinion, it IS a wonderful thing to find a woman who likes beer (God bless Jennifer), but seeing as Erik doesn't seem to be a big fan, either, probably doesn't matter.

A Man without a Band said...

p.s.- the zj at the beginning of my comment is from entering the secret code.

NME said...

Damn girl. You are too cool for school. I WISH I could sing or that I was born in New Zealand. And silly is a very good call.

patrice said...

you dirty little girl.

new zealand? that is so cool! was your dad a military man? I think I remember that from an amanda entry.

you are so cool. I'm totally serious.

thelyamhound said...

Oh my--am I Hound of Bloggerville?

So . . . seven lists of seven things? How does this work? I'm SOOO late to this party.

Let me know what needs doing, and you may consider it done.

Mr. J said...

7 things I plan to do before I die

Write a Hugo winning novel
Take you to Monterey, New Zealand, and Italy.
Return to Radio
Compete in a Triathalon
Surf the pipe in Hawaii
Watch Sophie get married
Landscape a beautiful yard for you.

7 things I can do

Run 10 miles without stopping
Draw cartoons
Play with kids
Build Computers
Swim all four major strokes with near-perfect form

7 things I cannot do:

Let things "roll off my back"
Accept that some situations are uncontrollable
Share my writing
Stop being afraid
Return movie rentals on time
Eat eggs

7 things I say most often:

That's jacked up
Fuck that
Oh man
I wish my problems would just go away (to myself)
I love you
I'm sorry

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

Quirky smiles
Blond hair
Big breasts
Willingness to have fun
The smell of sandlewood

7 celebrity crushes

Old Yeller
The cat from outer space
Mr. Ed

grody jo-dee said...

oh, how i love jon bon jovi....oh how i love jon bon's a sickness, i know.

and who needs beer when there are so many other better adult beverages? the only time my husband bet me to drink some, i got sick. see--i knew i was right to hate that stuff. ICK.

thelyamhound said...

Not all acquired tastes CAN be acquired in the face of powerful, natural aversion. Some people can't do coffee, some can't do beer . . . My mother can't watch movies with subtitles, an aversion I always attributed to stupidity or general American thickheadedness until I realized how greatly my mother--an intelligent and reasonably worldly woman--suffered from it. I myself can't enjoy Merchant-Ivory films (with some exception) or the music of Barbara Streisand.

Jen said...

Really good stuff. This is a fun meme because I have gotten to know so many interesting things about you.

Kodi said...

Becca, you can SO sing Son of a Preacher man like no one else I know. You have a fabulous voice, and I would love to see you pick up the guitar again. And, I think Erik owes us a juggling demonstration

patrice said...


yo! wassup!!?? excellent to read your list.

mister-j said...

Hey Patrice...

Thanks for the line. I used to be big into the blog/message board thing a couple of years ago but have kind of "fallen off" the blogosphere. I should read missuzj and her "peeps" blogs more often.

Take care.