Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Lazy List

I spent so long commenting on little sis's post today that I decided to just use my comment for today's post. Yes, I am one lazy ass. I did augment the list with some shoddy and quickly taken pictures from the digital. (As if anyone really cares.)

Things I love today: (Tomorrow I may hate all of these things. Who knows.)

Big glasses of iced tea with condensation dripping down the side.

Sophie hugs.

Clean mop-boards. (Janzen cleaned them for me--can you believe it?)

The smell of rolls baking.

Having a great new book to start.

Tomatoes from the garden.

Sleeping puppies.

Plucking a particularly burly chin hair (loving the plucking--not the hair).

Sophie going down for a nap with no fuss or arguments.

Catching the end of "Good Will Hunting" on TBS while folding laundry. (I know you don't REALLY have to choose--but really, isn't Matt Damon SO much yummier than Ben Afflek (sp)? I mean come on ladies. You know you want to teach him a lesson.

Getting 11 comments on a post. (Thanks all for the kind birthday wishes.)

Babies with blue tongues

Things I hate today: (Chances are I'll still hate these things tomorrow.)

Morning breath. (mine and others)

Chipped toe nail polish.

Fevers. (Sophie's is 101.4.)

Hemorrhoids. (Lucky you--I couldn't get that picture to download--JK)

Cleaning the refrigerator.

Having to do a tiny load of red things in the washing machine.

People who put things that are not books on the book shelf.

Back fat.

That one hair on the front of my ankle that I keep missing when I shave that is now 1/2 inch long.

Starting a book and thinking it will be great and then finding that is kind of sucks (A Great and Terrible Beauty. Avoid it.)

Not knowing what to do with that weird pile of stuff on the kitchen counter that really isn't trash--but doesn't really have a home either.

Oh, so many candles.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Teenage boys who will clean!

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
I'm guessing it will be my trip to the doctor with Sophie this afternoon.


Katy said...

Great and terrible beauty didn't REALLY suck. It's just not as great as it looks like it should be. No you can't judge a book by it's cover.

NME said...

Was it both Great and Terrible? Was it Beautiful at all?

Send Janzen over! I need some things done around here. And make sure he brings me some iced tea and rolls.

Katy said...

No, more terrible than great. But I rarely stop readin a book so I'll finish it. Probably not worth the time.

patrice said...

what's a mop board? I don't think I like them, whatever they are. it can't be good if it's got mop in it.

I like your toes. they're so spaced out.

Missuz J said...

Mop boards are those moldings that go around the bottom of the walls and get super gross and dusty.

patrice said...

ah. I think we call them baseboards. gotcha.

I think I am the only person on earth who doesn't like iced tea.

missuz, did you have a wonderful birthday?

Jen O. said...

Patrice, I don't like ice tea either.

Missuz J, what new book have you started?

Good luck at the doctor's office. That's never much fun.

amandak said...

Yay, a picture of the prettiest toes in all the land! Even with chipped polish.

Anonymous said...

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