Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Oh fuck

11:30--Sophie says she wants a nap. I think-"That's bizarre" but am glad and tuck her in, thinking I must be having a good day.

2:00--Sophie wakes up from her nap. I hug her, and think, "Hmm. She feels kinda hot."

2:03--Reading on ear thermometer-102.3

Afternoon of couch laying, Tylenol, thermometer readings

7:00--Temperature jumps to 104.2

7:15--Hurry to Dr.'s office, (Thank Jesus or whoever for night clinics)

7:45--After endless waiting room wait, Sophie pukes all over smiley-face-scale, herself and me.

8:00--Finger poke test shows a viral infection.

8:30--Sophie tucked in at home with ice water in her bottle after hefty dose of children's Motren.

9:00--Mommy blogs while eating cake (Mom's bday party totally interrupted by sick kid) and decides to go to bed very early, as she'll probably be up all night.


amandak said...

Aw Shit. That SUCKS. So sorry to hear that the Sophinator is temporarily out of comission. Sending healing and sleeping vibes your way. Wish I were there.

lonna said...

Poor Sophie and her parents. I hope that this goes away quickly. I just despise being sick in the summer. It just seems wrong.

grody jo-dee said...

having a sick kid is the WORST. the worrying gets to you. hope she feels better soon.

patrice said...

I hate sickness! especially when it ruins birthday plans.

reminds me of when I first started reading your blog. sophie was sick then, too.

Sabrina said...

Poor Sophie! Hope she gets better soon.

Katy said...

Everything they said + call me if you need anything.

TD said...

Damn. Poor Soph. I'm sending get-well vibes from the East Coast.

Stine said...

Poor thing. Viral infections suck - mostly because the doctors are like, "wait it out."

Did you get any sleep?

thelyamhound said...

Waiting it out's probably the best you can do, I suppose. The wee ones are pretty resilient, though. She'll be up and causing you no end of trouble in no time at all (does that count as a double negative, or do the "no"s in that case get a pass 'cause they're contained in colloquial expressions?).

KATIEmagic said...

Poor things! I hope you were both able to get some sleep.

NME said...

Is that the kind of viral infection one catches from poop gazing? Those are the worst kind.
Wishing Soph well soon.

Jen said...

That is awful. I hope she has a quick recovery.