Thursday, August 18, 2005


A little numb from the first day of school. Just a quick Sophie story.

She and Jimmy and I just paid Kodi a quick visit. Kods gave Sophie a couple of movies to take home--plus, as usual, was extrememly sweet to her during our visit. On our way home, Soph said, "Mom. I fink (no type-o) Kodi loves me much."

Today's best thing about being a mom:
Sharing Sophie with my dear friend Kodi

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Trying to convince her that, no, she will not be growing a weiner when she grows up.


grody jo-dee said...

i can only imagine that the re-exposure to kids all at once is a bit of a shocker. does the numbness wear off as the year progresses? or do you just stay numb til christmas, and then start over? :)

patrice said...

she could always metaphorically grow a weiner. I know I did.

I fink sophie is much cute.

NME said...

It's SO great when your friends are involved and interested in the life of your child - and it is so sweet that Sophie realizes it. They can't get enough lovin.

lonna said...

That's awesome that Sophie knows that other people love her too. If she only knew about the virtual mushiness we all send her way.

I'm counting down to my numbness. I start teaching on Tuesday and I am so not prepared. I'm still finishing up my syllabus and course packet. The nice thing is that college kids don't seem to really care that much and they're gone in 50 minutes.

A Man without a Band said...

hey, congratulations on making it through your first couple days. Like we talked about that night a few weeks back (before things got messy), you're just what these kids need. By the way, any word yet on whether or not they'll be able to do their own blogs? I thought that was a great idea.

Quick question off the subject. How do you delete comments? I got some bullshit spam comment on my blog, and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.

And tell Sophie that weiners aren't all they're cracked up to be. Oh wait, yes they are.

grody jo-dee said...

man without a band---
log into blogger and go to your own comments. hit the trash can icon under each comment to delete it. :)

thelyamhound said...

We need to get down there so Sophie can meet her "uncle" lyamhound. I'm not sure I can explain the matter of wiener-growing, and its patent unlikelihood, to her satisfaction, but I'm sure I can effectively distract her from the topic.

You're a braver person than I, facing that classroom. A theatre audience may be equally resentful of any efforts to teach them anything, but at least they paid to be there.

Katy said...

I fink everyone loves her much. It's easy when she gives so much love back.

Kodi said...

Oh my God. How sweet. I DO love that little rascal. I love every moment I have with her. It is nice to enjoy your child, that way I don't have to give birth again but have many of the benefits of little girl cuteness. Thank you for letting me be a part of her life, and of yours. I'm seriously about ready to cry. I love you.