Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5th of July

Today was my first official (non holiday or weekend) day with Sophie and Janzen and NO SCHOOL for Soph. All in all—it wasn’t too bad. We started out with a lovely greasy breakfast at our favorite local dive—Sullivan’s. The occasion was the departure of the cousins who had come for a visit. Hash browns. Yum. Then we made a trip to the kid’s clothing consignment store—where I found 2 cute outfits for Soph—and learned that this Saturday is their ½ off clearance. So—if I get there early—well, and remember—I should be able to outfit Soph for the fall for about 50 cents. My girl just grows so fast, and is so hard on clothes, she has to make due with hand-me-downs and gently used. If it’s not from Grandma, it’s not new. We also scored a VHS of Barbie Nutcracker for a buck. Nice.

This afternoon, I was inspired by ~A~ and took the kids on a hike. Well, a hikelett at least. We drove south to Kolob—a section of Zion National Park and hiked far enough down the Taylor Creek trail to reach the creek. It was absolutely swimming with tadpoles, and both kids were very impressed. Soph was a total champ, and walked the whole way on her own power. The Jorgensen youngsters are both official Junior Rangers now, and have been badged, stickered, and charged with protecting the parks in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, as long as they both shall live. At least I THINK that’s what Kodi said after reviewing their Junior Ranger packets.

In other news, we spent the last few days playing with cousins, having some family time, and also took a quick trip Salt Lake. A few images that pop into my mind...

Sophie--naked of course--in my mom's Jacuzzi with cousin Zack. He's holding on to his dad very tightly, looking concerned, requesting that the bubbles be turned off. She's jumping up and down, arms stretched to the heavens, singing/chanting, "I'm the bubble queen! I'm the bubble queen!"

Sophie--clothed for once--jumping on the neighbor's trampoline and playing ring-around-the-rosie with herself until she's absolutely dripping with sweat, pausing only to help Zack to his feet when he was bounced off of them.

Janzen--bursting with pride because he made the dessert--chocolate pudding pie--for the 4th celebration all by him self--almost. Of course, when he finished it, um, well, imagine what a layered desert would look like if assembled by a Viking. I couldn't help myself and did a little smoothing, which kind of hurt his feelings. Just should have left it.

Random little girl behind us at the fireworks tent. I had a bit of stomach upset, and dropped a VERY SBD. The poor thing kept trying to tell her mom that someone had pooped their pants--and the mom kept shushing her. Ha.

E, my Dad, bro Jon, and bro-in-law Clark sitting out on the porch, unraveling all the problems in all the land, like they always do when they get together.

Cousins with sparklers.

Katy wrangling all three little cousins, with her super aunty powers. Don't know how she does it.

So--now the 4th has passed. This is the time of summer when I generally start feeling like I need to start all the projects I put off through June. I'd love to get some painting done in the house, do some landscaping, start getting ready for school next year, and other assorted crap.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
I love holding her hand. She's just chubby enough that her sweet hand is just slightly squishy.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Balancing my need for time with her need for interaction


Katy said...

My favorite moment was Sophie telling Zach he was her "Sweet little pumpkin pie". So freakin cute.

amandak said...

Aww, so sad I missed it. So glad you're going to be here in a couple weeks. Thanks for taking care of my kidlets. Love you big time!

patrice said...

you guys are so cute. all of you.

laughed heartily at the SBD line.

~A~ said...

w00t w00t w00t! More hikin' kids!