Sunday, July 09, 2006

Weekend in Review

Just a day by day account.


Soph wheedled a McDonald's trip out of me for breakfast. She was sharing the play-place with a group of kids who were fairly severely learning disabled. The result was sadly sweetly cute. She kept trying to engage them in conversation without success. She'd go up to one little soul and offer, "Want to join me in the train?" and get no response. So she'd try another with, "Do you like horsies? They're my favorite!" and again nothing. She came crying to me and I tried to explain that some kids are different and even though they look like big kids they still think like little tiny kids and don't talk or play like big kids, but I think I kind of blew it.

Then we headed to the nursery, as the aphids ate all of the flowers in my flower pots. The nursery cat had a newish litter of kittens that kept Soph entertained while I tried to find something that wasn't way past its bloom. After the nursery, we hit a little craft fair where I bought this huge sand box toy--in theory you dump sand in and it slides through spouts and spins stuff and is great.

SO--since we had a new sand toy, we needed new sand for the sand box as the neighbor's herd of cats shat in Sophie's sand box. I swear those little bastards post a sentinel and if I leave the lid off for one night they sound the alarm and all come have a potty party.

After looking at all the hardware stores in town, and being told they were out of play sand, I went to Walmart. All they had left was BLUE play sand. If you think blue play sand sounds like a bad idea, you're absolutely right. Regular sand is skin color. Blue sand is not, unless you're a smurf. So, although Soph LOVES the blue sand and blue mud, every time she gets in the sand box, she gets out looking like a pen exploded all over her hands and feet. My bathtub has a thin layer of blue sand in it, as does my color, and my entire patio. Sigh. Plus, the sand toy works precisely for shit.

On a brighter note, I busted out my leaf blower. I fucking LOVE my leaf blower. I have a ginormous patio and 2 hugemongous poplar trees, plus the sand box, dog, daugher, assorted shrubs, and famous Cedar City wind. My yard gets looking like shit, and I just blow it all next door. Yes.


Yesterday, Soph's pal Addison was over pretty much all day. When Bianca showed up, I told her Soph already had a play friend, and that she could come over later, and basically broke her little heart. Soph and Addison had fun with dress ups, playdough, blue sand, and other assorted messy activities. We took a trip to the DI (Deseret Industries--read Mormon thrift store) where I scored an absolutely DARLING old baby doll cradle for like three bucks.

Which leads to last night, which was our usual patio party with the usual crowd and usual games and usual adult libations. Friends Paul and Jen did some reporting on their honeymoon in Hawaii (luckies).


This morning was party recovery. E, for once, was more hungover than I was, although he still let me sleep in a little, and loaded all the glasses in the dishwasher. Early this afternoon, Soph went to spend some time with her Grandma Carolyn and we big kids tried to catch the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Of course, it was sold out, so we hit the video store (how long until we start calling it the DVD store, I wonder?). Finding a movie that a 12 year old boy, 30 year old women, and 31 year old man is a tricky thing. We ended up with "The Matador" which wasn't half bad. It's a surprisingly fun twist on the buddy movie--and Pierce Brosnan managed to be a fairly likeable slimeball, although the moustache and gold chain were pretty painful. I managed to tell Janz to close his eyes for almost all the sex.

Currently, Soph and I are watching "Spring for Strawberry Shortcake." She's sporting her Power Puff Girls t shirt and a fine layer of blue sand. Before that E, Janz and I had a fun game of catch while Soph played in the sand box and Jimmy got in the way. Catch came after dinner on the patio--hamburgers cooked on the grill (My patio is really bitchin'. I'll take pictures.).

Summer days. Love love love them.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
This morning we made biscuits together. She thought I was a culinary genius. "What?!? You know how to make biscuits? That's AMAZING!"

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
Blue Sand


OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

The Blue sand looks fun! Sorry it's so messy.

Sounds like a great "famiy" weekend. I liked your solution for the "3rd party = fights" playmates.

Kat said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

patrice said...

god, I love it. you guys are amazing.

blue sand? yeah. not so much. though if I were a kid? I would think that was the biggety bomb.

Jen said...

I didn't know they made blue sand. Poor little Soph, trying to play with the kids that didn't understand.

Even though she cut her own hair leading to the super short cut she is sporting, it is adorable!

And as for the leaf blower, I don't find it very satisfying cause all the crap has to go somewhere. I prefer more of a vacuuming action.

Heather said...

Blue sand... you are braver than I!!