Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day 2

So, we just returned from the zoo which was 60% awesome, 30% hot, and 10% smelly.

We were very wise, and rented a wagon to haul the kids around in, although I did end up with Sophie on my shoulders for a while. The Albuquerque zoo is very lovely, with lots of trees and shade and such, but the bottom line is that it's July in the desert and no amount of cottonwoods can change that.

If I were to guess, I'd say that Zack's favorite part of the zoo was pulling the wagon. His least favorite part was the peacock that got quite cheeky during lunch. I'm thinking Madeline's favorite thing was/were? the chocolate Dippin' Dots we had on the way out. Her least favorite part was waiting for said dots until the end of the trip. As for Soph, she got quite a charge out of the train ride, and out of watching the seals swim. Her least favorite part is a tie between the heat and the smell. That girl has the most sensitive nose, which she does not plug when smelling an offensive smell, but rather shoves a finger up each nostril and whines/yells, "Mom! Get that smell out of my nose!"

Last night was a sleeping nightmare. I think ultimately Soph ended up sleeping in 5 different beds. She started out in Madelines as Madeline wanted to sleep in the princess blow-up bed that we brought. That lasted about 10 minutes, the amount of time it took Maddy to change her mind. Then Soph tried the princess bed. No dice. So I tried Mandy's bed with me, then Grandma lying next to her. Nope. Finally we moved sweet Zacky-roo from his bed to his mom's, and I put Soph in his bed. Success, but it left me on the floor in Zack's room, as I am far to big for the princess bed. I rolled around on the floor for an hour or so, and then hunted up all the blankets I could, made a little nest, and put Soph in it. I managed to get a few hours of sleep in Zack's bed, but they were restless. One iced macciato and 2 Pepsi's later, I'm still only quasi awake.

Currently Zack is vaccuming with the toy vaccum (the one he LOVES that he got from Soph who received it from Kodi for her birthday and was scared to death of) and Soph and Madeline are playing babies. I am shirking my motherly duities, and Mand and Mom are visiting. Guess I'd better go join in the fun.


~A~ said...

Sorry the sleeping part sucked. Hopefully last night was a bit better.

The zoo sounds fun, minus the heat and stench.

patrice said...

zoo! get that smell out of my nose! trent LOVES dippin dots. like, lives for them.

sorry about the sleep. craziness.

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Hey can you get that smell out of my nose? Oh well - maybe the sweaty technicians will leave my office soon!

Hey I wanna play Chinese Fire Drill in BED also! Hopefully things will settle down tonight and all will get good sleep! Have fun!