Friday, July 14, 2006

Kung Foo Cowboy

A few questions Soph has asked me over the last couple of days:

While eating lunch at the Hunan today, and a group of cowboy hat clad burlyish guys walked in:
"Mom? Are they having a Chinese hoe-down?"

While playing My Little Ponies with me yesterday:
"Mom? Do My Little Ponies poop colorful poop?"

After performing a bellyflop--directly onto my belly:
"If you mind if I join you?"

She has started to preface a lot of her questions with "If you mind if...," as in, "If you mind if I get on the counter?" and "If you mind if I get out my Barbies." I'm not sure exactly where this little syntactical glitch stems from, but it is a little cute.

In other news, I put a load of my favorite clothes in the wash (read--the ones that fit) along with my mocha brown lipstick. The damage is irreparable. I've sprayed and washed and soaked and blotted and scrubbed. This doesn't bode well for my trip to Albuquerque in 5 days. S0--that sucked.

Also--the renaissance fair is in town, and Soph has suckered me out of about 20 bucks worth of tickets for the huge blow up slide thing. She loves it with a boingy bouncy passion that cannot be denied. So much so that I'm looking into renting it for her birthday. Which is coming up pretty soon, actually. Less than a month. I may cave and get her the floam. I may double cave and also get her an easy bake oven. Spoiled little shit.

Janzen is back up at his mom's house, and while I miss him, it's also nice to not feel like I need to come up with fun things to do everyday. In fact, today I'm pretty much not going to do shit. Soph and Bianca dragged all of the doll stuff into the front room, and I'm hiding out in my room. When I was a kid, my mom had days where she would say, "Unless someone's bleeding or dead I don't want to hear about it." This is kind of one of those days.

Today's best thing about being a mom:
While we were at lunch, she kept wanting to do that Lady and the Tramp thing with her lo mein noodles--both start at one end and meet in the middle. It did get old after a while, but was fun to start with.

Today's worst thing about being a mom:
While I was leaning across the table to cut up her chicken, I put my boobs smack in my plate--bright red sweet and sour sauce. Good thing I have a new bottle of spray and wash.


lonna said...

I like the colorful poop question. I would certainly like to think that they do.

I get my big boobs in all sorts of food. It's not even funny.

My mom's big thing was always "I wasn't put on this earth to entertain you." That meant stay far away unless we really needed her.

Good luck finding new clothes or rescuing your old ones for your trip.

Melessa said...

"Unless someone's bleeding or dead I don't want to hear about it." This is kind of one of those days."

Moms are allowed not just to think this, but to say it to the kids too?! Cool! I knew there was a good reason I lurked here.

amandak said...

That SUCKS about the laundry. That's one of my worst nightmares, seriously. Maybe we can get out and shop one of the first days you're here. I need to shop for bday presents for Madeline anyways. You, me, and Soph can go. Grandma Diane can hang with the Krause kids, and I'll wrangle the girl, it'll be fabulous! We need to talk in realtime soon for more planning and such. I can't wait to see you!

~A~ said...

I have a recipe for floam if you're interested. I'll have to dig it out. Probably easier to buy it but still fun to make.

Don't cave on the easy bake. We have one that Button bought with her own cash and she used it a few times but forgets to buy more mix crap for it, which is crap. Sure it looks cool, but it's just easier to buy some mini cake, bread and muffin pans and use the real deal. Plus it tastes better. I cut the mixes in half for the kids. Maybe you could get her some mini spatulas (all this isn't the toy stuff BTW, the real ones, they're just small) and some smaller bowls.

Jacques Roux said...

hmmmm, bright red boobs. Do they bear any remsemblance to those bright red asses on monkeys?

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

Everyone was Kung Foo fighting --- at their Hoe-Down.......That is so not how I remember the song!

You should write a book full of Sophisms - I love the way that cute kids mind works!!!! Mostly I love that you can follow her turns and roller coaster thoughts! So did the Cowboys here her? I'm from Texas and their aren't many cowboys I know that wouldn't have thought that was GREAT!

The washer accident happened to me during my last 6 weeks of pregnancy with my first. Both pair of Maternity pants that still fit me and all 6 of my maternity shirts (that still fit) were in the wash. So for the last 6 weeks I went around feeling like a spotted buffalo - Mascara does NOT wash out for anything!