Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jiggity Jig

Where did I leave off? Sunday? My mom stayed at the hotel on Sunday night, which was good, because she'd been sleeping on the couch for 4 nights. Monday was mellow. A little more swimming for the kids, a trip to Target. The highlight of Monday, and maybe the trip, for me anyway, was going to a yoga class with Mandy that evening. Not only was the class great, but I got to visit the space and people that have become so important to Mandy, and by default, are important to me.

By Tuesday morning, Sophie was absolutely exhausted. She woke up tired and grumpy, and grumped her way through the rest of the day. We flew out at noon, and changed planes once. I ended up carrying all 50+ pounds of her through 3 airports. Luckily, she slept on both flights. When we arrived in Vegas, I rented a luggage cart, ignored the warning signs, and let her ride for a while. Then we got lost in Vegas for a while, then we came home.

The End.
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patrice said...

whirlwind. I'm tired now having read it.

I am so glad you and mandy got everything out that you did. it sounds sisterly and wonderful.